Top 6 Business Trends Of 2017

Looking ahead into 2017, it’s important to not only be on top of new trends in the business world, but to incorporate them. Adopting trends is important for small business owners and entrepreneurs to be able to compete with big companies. You’re at an advantage because you can change your practices quicker than a large organization. Here’s what you can expect of small business trends in 2017:

1. Experts will be driving sales, not order-takers or salespeople


With widespread Internet access, consumers are now seeking out experts’ opinions before making a purchase. Gone are the days of trusting in-store salespeople to provide details on product performance or longevity.
Consumers are looking for experts who can provide information based on their personal experience and their professional opinion without being pushy to make the sale. Experts allow for greater customer experiences, providing deeper connections on relevant topics, increased trust and a superior identification of needs.

2. Crowdfunding over venture capital


This isn’t just for crazy ideas and millennials. Crowdfunding for startups is beginning to take off in the business world as companies begin to recognize its value. Not only are you raising money, the people who support you are validating your ideas and products before you put money into them.
Opening up about the products or services you want to offer can also lead to traction in your community, opening up a line of two-way communication between you and customers, and engaging them to provide feedback. If you’re looking to get started, or just curious, check out Kickstarter and Indiegogo for inspiration.

3. Customer interest will be harder to capture


This is the age of information overload. With the entire Internet in the palms of our hands and constant emails flooding in, more commonplace marketing techniques are becoming obsolete. This means traditional email marketing blasts to all your subscribers just won’t generate as much interest as they have in the past.
Try to personalize their experiences. Look to social media to open up a dialogue with consumers and share more interesting content like videos, which are proven to hold attention longer than other media. Listening to someone speak about the risks and challenges they may face with your product also seems a lot more friendly and unique than a generalized FAQ post.

4. Personalization is the new mass market


If you’re going to the doctor, you want a diagnosis that is right for all of the symptoms you have, not based on what the majority has, right? Think of your marketing and sales efforts in the same way. With more messages coming from other sources than ever before, it’s important to capture people’s attention for longer.
For example, Netflix and Amazon’s success is made from personalized offers and suggestions based on your history. Get to know your customers by tracking their shopping habits and create personalized marketing materials based on large segments of people who follow similar trends (i.e. shop on weekends).

5. Brick and mortar stores are losing their lustre


Retail isn’t just becoming crowded – it’s moving. Mall-style browsing is done with a mouse and keyboard, as outlets like Amazon provide such a large variety of products they could never all be offered in one store. You just can’t compete with that scale as a small business. As a result, the stores that stay alive are now highly specialized and provide excellent customer service.
Think about what you do better than everyone else in your community and focus on it so customers think of you as soon as they need that product or service. Plus, make sure you’re online so your customers can find you while Googling what they need. Get online and add your business to 411.ca for free.

6. Recurring revenue


Major companies are going with a new pricing model and it’s likely here to stay. Instead of offering products at a fixed price, these large organizations are offering services for a recurring fee. Monthly Netflix subscriptions have replaced movie rentals and purchases, Apple Music and Spotify have replaced iTunes and CDs, and Amazon Prime is replacing express shipping fees and other types of media. There’s a reason for this.
Recurring revenues with a high renewal rate are more efficient in maintaining customers. This saves costs as it’s way more expensive to bring in new customers than it is to keep existing ones. You can also keep your finger on the pulse of the market. Look at when and why people are signing up or leaving month after month. If possible, look for ways to turn your business into a recurring revenue generating service, like offering unlimited tool rentals in a month for a flat fee. It’ll lead to greater profits in the long run based on current industry trends.
When looking ahead, keep these emerging business trends in mind. If you can, find ways to incorporate them into your business plan. Although they may just be taking off this year, they’re primed to stick around for the foreseeable future.

SOURCE:  http://www.asianentrepreneur.org/7-business-trends-2017/



Tuesday 04/07/2017

Photo from left is Alan, Lukas Tan and Li Shin during The Rainmakers, new joint-venture agreement signing ceremony on 25 June 2017 at 7323, 2nd Floor Jalan Raja Uda, 12300 Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR, July 4 (Bernama) -- In this era of advent communication and information technology, Internet business will be the pinnacle for most promising enterprises. Following success of the ‘online revolution’ started together by major e-commerce players in Malaysia Lazada, Zalora, Foodpanda and recently Alibaba, local IT, web design and marketing companies, Operion E-Commerce & Software Sdn Bhd, Veecotech Enterprise and OneStudio Graphics respectively have come together to provide the much needed online business solution and support in IT, web design and marketing to local SMEs in the country.

With twenty two years of combined experience in IT, design and web marketing these companies have realized and deeply understand the challenges in capacity and intricacies such as scalability and legacy issues affecting the SME’s performance in online and digital market. According to Lukas Tan, the owner of Operion E-Commerce & Software, “Online business is not confined to IT, computer, Internet communication, online advertising and sales to merely support existing business but they are ultimately an integral part of almost every successful business globally”. Lukas Tan, has 12 years of experience in IT services, software automation and database system development. While Veecotech, leads by Alan works with a team of dedicated IT engineers providing web design and ecommerce website development services already more than six years and Li Shin specialises in digital branding and video animations in OneStudio Graphics over the last four years.

Hence, these companies have identified the importance of combine effort and recently signed an official agreement to form a new joint-venture company under the name of Rainmakers. Moreover, Rainmakers has successfully helped a couple of business clients solve and enhance their IT and online marketing operations prior to signing of the agreement on 25 June 2017. Rainmakers also has appropriately aim to devote their resources to develop and support other eight potential companies in Penang this year.

To find out more about the companies, please visit




SOURCE : http://mrem.bernama.com/viewsm.php?idm=29503


Email account setup in MacMail OS X Yosemite

This tutorial will show you how to set cPanel email account in MacMail OS X Yosemite.
We will use test email account nctest@nctest.com. Check this article to find out what server your account is hosted on.

1. Select Preferences in Mail menu:

2. Go to Accounts tab, and click on + icon:

3. Select Add Other Mail Account option:

4. In Add a Mail Account window enter your full name, email address and email account password, then click on Create:

5. Application will try to detect the settings automatically. Disregard the result, click on Next:

6. In the Incoming Mail Server screen select POP or IMAP protocol for Account Type, and enter your account details:

Mail Server: server your account is hosted on
Username: full email address
Password: password for your email account

Click on Next once the details are filled:

7. Mac Mail may require specifying additional settings at this point:

IMAP Path Prefix: leave this field empty
Port: 993 with SSL enabled or 143 without SSL for IMAP protocol
          995 with SSL enabled or 110 without SSL for POP3 protocol
Authentication: set to Password

8. In Outgoing Mail Server window, fill out the details as follows:

SMTP Server: server your account is hosted on
User Name: full email address
Password: password for your email account

9. You might be prompted to configure additional settings on this stage. Details are to be as follows:

Port: 465 with SSL enabled
         25 or 587 with SSL disabled
Authentication: set to Password

10. One last step is to configure Advanced Server Settings. Go to Accounts and select the account in question. Then select Account Information tab and go to Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) section, click on Edit SMTP Server List option:

Verify that your settings are as follows:

Automatically detect and maintain account settings: should be switched off
Port: 465 with SSL enabled
          25 or 587 with SSL disabled
Authentication: set to Password
Allow insecure authentication: should be switched on
User Name: full email address
Password: password for your email account


SSL Certificates Can Now Help Your Websites Rank

Browse your own ssl certificates at this link: 


Let SSL certificate Secure Your Website!

What is SSL and Why Is It So essential

These days, the largest and the maximum essential difficulty inside the international of net enterprise are privacy and safety. With out protection, there may be no patron accept as true with, and with out purchaser trust, a web enterprise won’t be able to move a protracted manner. So permit’s communicate approximately SSL.

Why can we need SSL?

Simple; due to the fact statistics sent between browsers and internet servers is despatched in simple textual content—leaving you at risk of eavesdropping. The HTTP protocol uses SSL to comfortable communications among a server and the browser. With out SSL, an attacker is capable of intercept all data being sent among a browser and an internet server and see and use that information. Your clients received’t agree with your internet site without an SSL certificates.

SSl creates aan encryption between website and the visitors. so the custpmer feels save browing the website.. In other phrases, it lets in touchy information together with credit card numbers, social safety numbers and login credentials to be transmitted securely.

Statistically, almost 70% of on line shoppers cancel on­line orders because they don’t consider the transaction. An SSL certificate and a website seal is a should have for a retail website on this age of the internet. No SSL = zero conversions.

let’s communicate about the 2 fundamental functions of SSL certificates:

  • It establishes integrity of the verbal exchange via checking the identification of the server; the browser verifies that the server’s certificates is legitimate and being used by a internet site for which it has been issued by means of a certificates Authority that the browser can trust.
  • It affords a cryptographic key of the server – that secret is used to encrypt all the facts despatched between the server and the purchaser hold and shield the facts, making it secure from any undesirable use. That way, all the person’s touchy information doesn’t get stolen and the consumer’s privacy is secure.

A SSL certificates is essentially like a electronic identity card that are issued to servers through relied on authorities. just like servers, clients can also have certificate, but in contrast to a server, a consumer certificate isn't mandatory for SSL conversation.

How does the comfy Connection method appear like?

Whilst a browser tries to get entry to a website this is secured with the aid of SSL, the browser and the net server establish an SSL connection the usage of a process known as an SSL Handshake. It’s invisible to the person and takes place instantaneously. basically, three keys are used to set up the SSL connection: the general public, private, and consultation keys. Then the session starts and five steps take location:

1. Browser connects to a website secured with a SSL. The server begins identifying itself on the browser’s request.

2. The Server sends a copy of it’s SSL, which include the public key.

3. The Browser checks the certificate root. If the whole thing tests out, it creates, encrypts and sends lower back a symmetric consultation key the use of the server’s public key.

4. The Server decrypts the symmetric consultation key and sends back an acknowledgement encrypted with the consultation key to start the encrypted session.

5. Server and Browser now encrypt all transmitted facts with the session key and the transaction takes place.

There are over 10 types of SSL certificates, but you should awareness on the pinnacle 3:

1. Wild card (formed) certificates – facilitates enable SSL encryption on unlimited sub-domains the use of a unmarried certificate as long as the domain names are controlled by means of the equal employer and proportion the equal call

2. Multi­domain certificate – MDC makes it viable to comfortable as much as multiple hundred domains at the same server with a single certificate. This solution is first­rate for companies which have a couple of particular domain names on a unmarried server – this is the first­rate choice to prevent time and money at the same time as securing a high level of believe and protection.

3. private certificates – customers buy their personal SSL certificate and feature adedicated IP cope with on each server for the area for which the certificate turned into bought.

The way to select the right SSL certificate? It depends lots, based at the organizational and technical issues, every business is extraordinary. There are a few tips although:

  • If you have severa custom tabs for your fb fan page all at the equal area (*.area.com), a wild card private certificate is a exquisite desire. 
  • MDC is just as comfortable as a private certificates. Plus, it's far a whole lot inexpensive in step with domain.


Why SSL certificate & Essential?

What are SSL certificate and why are they essential?

Absolutely everyone has heard about protection issues on the internet. Groups from government departments to small agencies all suffer breaches once in a while, so safety is critical. One way to make a internet website online greater secure is with an SSL certificate. The actual protection they offer is essential; as is the extent of don't forget such technology offers to internet site clients.

You’ll see SSL in motion if you use the net’s maximum well­known websites. for instance, visit Google or fb. you will see matters to your browser that display you that those web sites have made a at ease connection among their web servers and your browser.
  • HTTPS – Elegant web sites begin with HTTP, however web sites that function an SLL certificates append an “S” to this, giving HTTPS.
  • Padlock – A locked padlock in the cope with bar of your browser, someplace beside the deal with of the internet site.

But what does an SSL certificates do?

Basically it establishes a at ease connection among a customer’s browser and your internet site. It’s like having your very own mini version of what Jack Bauer has on the tv software 24 while he gets a secure connection to talk to the president. Your secure connection is among your internet site and your customer.

How it Works

SSL stands for secure Sockets Layer and it really works through encrypting the connection between your customers and your net server. To make it paintings to your website you need an SSL certificate.

here's a simplified explanation of the system:
  • A user visits your internet site through using clicking on a hyperlink or typing your cope with into the deal with bar of their browser.
  • Your net server responds to the request by sending its SSL certificates and a public key.
  • The person’s browser exams the certificate after which uses the general public.
  • key to create an encrypted key, that's despatched again on your server.
  • Your server decrypts this and moves the request (methods a charge, hundreds a web site, logs in to a internet web page and so on) and sends the data again to the purchaser’s browser with the encrypted key.
  • The person’s browser decrypts the facts and displays it on show display.
  • The entire system takes a break up 2nd, but it ensures a at ease connection is hooked up.
Why is it crucial?

SSL certificates cozy the records despatched amongst your server and your user’s pc in a manner that can't be tampered with. This data will be records, login details, or rate data.

Clients have come to accept as true with SSL certificate in element due to the putting in approach. they'll be issued via certificates government. the ones businesses have a root certificate that is pre­loaded into most common internet browsers together with Chrome, internet Explorer, Firefox. this suggests the makers of those browsers (Google, Microsoft, Mozilla) comprehend and apprehend the certificates Authority as a relied on supply of SSL certificates. The SLL certificate issued with the useful resource of iPage come from Comodo, which is a certificates Authority depended on by way of net browsersas an example, while you kind a search into Google.com, it's miles not viable for a person to listen in on the phrase you are attempting to find. further, whilst you log into fb, it isn't always feasible to intercept and decipher your password while it's far in transit among your laptop and fb’s servers. And, while you ship charge records to PayPal, a hacker can not concentrate in and swipe your credit score rating card range.

Your clients are afforded the same protections whilst you put in an SSL certificate.

Even as this takes place the patron receives a message in their browser with a warning, which makes most of the people hit the once more button. this is why it’s crucial to no longer handiest have an SSL certificates, however to get one from a trusted source.

While you do, your users may additionally have extra self guarantee in the usage of your internet site and sending it statistics.


What is SSL and why is it critical?

What's SSL?

SSL (relaxed Sockets Layer) is a standard era at the back of setting up an encrypted connection between a web server (host) and a web browser (purchaser). This connection among the 2 makes certain that the information stay private and intrinsic. SSL is an industry preferred and utilized by millions of web sites to defend their online transactions with their customers. When you have ever visited a website the usage of the https:// in the address bar you were growing a relaxed connection thru SSL. when you have an e­store or sell objects through your internet site, SSL helps in establishing consider together with your clients.

Knowledge how the SSL connection protects your statistics

The usage of an SSL certificates creates an encrypted connection among the person's web browser and the internet server. Which means any records transmitted among the web server and the internet browser can't be examined without first being decrypted. this saves the information from being spied upon by way of a person else on the internet because they will now not be able to apprehend the encrypted records.

How You Can establish an Encrypted Connection

There a few basic steps that occur while you attempt to establish at ease connection. The steps are listed below:
  • You type in or pick out the secure URL (e.g. "https://abcdefg.com") .
  • The web server first receives request and then it submits a respond that attempts to establish depended on connection among the internet browser and the internet server ­ additionally known as the "SSL handshake."
  • After the SSL certificates is proven through the SSL handshake, the information transferred between the internet server and net browser is encrypted to hold it non­public and comfortable.

How to inform if a site is using SSL

Whilst the details of the SSL protocol are not exhibited to the traveller, most browsers will display a lock or some different shape of identification within the deal with bar. this can suggest in case you are currently included by way of an SSL encrypted consultation. if you would really like the info of the SSL certificate you can certainly click on at the lock.

What does the SSL mean to site visitors?

Most SSL certificate comprise the domain name, corporation name, cope with, town, state, and country. It additionally contains an expiration date of the certificates and the details of the certificates Authority (the corporation who issued the SSL). When a browser attempts to establish an SSL connection to an internet site it tests to make certain the certificates isn't always expired, has been issued by a relied on authority, and is being used for an appropriate internet site. If any of those checks fails your internet browser will display a caution letting the user recognise that the web site isn't secured by SSL.

How do I get an SSL for my internet site?

Please look at our article on Ordering an SSL if you'd like extra data. For further help or when you have any extra questions please experience free to contact our aid branch.


Paid SSL Signal Consumer Trust with

Secure Socket Layer is a security system that creates a secured link between your websites and the visitors of your websites. It creates an encrypted link that makes trust in customers about your website. SSL certificates from branded offers give the security, flexibility, and support.

Traditional CA’s provide certificate lifetimes of up to 3 years. They support wildcards, offer warranties, and provide integration help. With a non­automated CA, you can make a

choice from varied levels of validation. With OV and energy unit protection, the CA conducts extensive verification of the business. It takes quick corrective action once it detects any fraud activity. Support is another factor; solely paid suppliers will provide full-time client service and help.

Free SSL carts are a nice alternative for private blogs and alternative basic sites that don't conduct money transactions or collect sensitive information. However, e­commerce organizations that gathers client information requiring protection and trust ought to, as a matter of course, use OV or energy unit SSL from better­known and trustworthy CAs. 

The levels of encryption and validation offer security within the shopper sense, not only secret writing, are delivered via these valid merchandise.

Find a vary of the foremost common energy unit single­ and multi­domain Comodo, GeoTrust and Thawte certificates here. www.operion.com.my/ssl­certificates.html


The Appropriate SSL Certificate for Making Your Business Safe

Many customers are still worried about shopping online as faulty security has led to a lot of credit cards numbers in public. So, If you have a business that relies on IT, you need a cyber security strategy.

You should make sure of that your visitors can see some SSL certificate in your site like http in the URL or a trust mark.A closed padlock and a green address bar can also make your website secured.
You are responsible for handling crucial problems like securing your internal network and implementing the strategy of password policy.

It is known to all that the cyber attacks against U.S.A. firms is on the increase, both in frequency and severity. Recent cyber attacks on big companies have resulted in the felony of client info and price these firms several bucks to rectify.

Distinguishing the latest security threats, finding the most secure hosting environment and SSL certificate are essential for all business. The big firms might give a larger day for hackers, businesses of all sizes need to shield themselves. 

In reality, the easiest targets for cyber attackers area unit little businesses, as they often have less cash and fewer resources to adequately secure their websites. It is important to keep the information exchanged between your website and your customers.

Security breaches lead to loss of revenue and damage to a company’s quality. SSL is a way of protecting important data.  It gives you and your customer a protection layer so that no third­party can interrupt.

SSL set up a browser (or any application that uses SSL) and ensures that the information sent between the user and an internet site can not scan or solid by any third­party.

If you are the owner of an e­commerce website or any website that collects sensitive traveler information, you should select associate SSL that mixes security with business validation, such as an Extended Validation SSL.

 EV SSL certificates area unit the most hacker­proof certs within the business and area unit known by turning some or all of a browser’s universal resource locator field inexperienced.

 Since every energy unit somebody should pass a strict ID verification procedure, that their information is safe, private and handled by your business alone, it will help to increase your sales and conversion rates considerably.

Find the foremost common energy unit single­ and multi­domain Comodo, GeoTrust and Thawte certificates here. www.operion.com.my/ssl-certificates.html