Why Branding Your Email Address?

In today's competitive marketplace, presenting the right image of your business is more important than ever. Furthermore, having a web presence does add to the importance of corporate image. Good corporate image gives your customers the assurance and confidence to do businesses with you. Is the email address you use to represent your business sending the right message to your customers?

How to get an email address that represents your business interest without the hassle of maintaining it yourself at fraction of your business cost? Operion, have the solution that is just right for you.

Choose an email solution from us and in no time you can be using a professional and unique email address such as [email protected]. You will have instant control over the setup of all your email mail accounts with the ability to choose any names and passwords you like.

Your email can also be accessible through any email program such as Microsoft Outlook and via the web.
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The Power of Email Hosting v=#o#=v

Email Hosting Features

Your business is protected with anti-spam and anti-virus
With one click of a button, you can eliminate time wasting spam before it ever reaches your inbox with our free anti-spam feature.

Anti-spam protection
If you have an email account, you have probably experienced the frustrations of spam. First it is the odd one or two unsolicited emails, but before long your mailbox is overwhelmed with time wasting spam, a proportion of which also carries the threat of computer viruses.

All of our email services come with Spam Assassin, which allows you to filter and remove spam before it hits your inbox. Every time an email reaches the email server, the Spam Assassin software instantly compares each email against a set of over 600 rules, identifying over 95% of spam emails, emails are marked as spam so that your mail program can easily filter them into a special folder or delete them.

Anti-virus protection
Did you know a computer virus can monitor access to your online banking facility and reveal your passwords to a hacker? Have you ever wondered how much it would cost your business, if your computer was crippled by computer viruses?

The reality is businesses pay RM1,000 and more for insurance against theft, but a far bigger risk to your business is from viruses.

All our emails include enterprise grade anti-virus protection.
1.       We virus scan your email, before it reaches your email mailbox. Viruses don't reach your network, which means security is maximised.
2.       Our anti-virus solution uses the latest virus definitions, viruses database is updated automatically whenever it is available to protect against new viruses by ClamAV, which means security is maximised.
3.       Our solution is hosted at Damansara, and supported by ClamAV, the world leader in anti-virus solutions. CalmAV consists of 250 highly qualified specialists, including members of the prestigious Computer Anti-virus Researchers Organization (CARO).

The hosting site is reliable
With our latest inclusion of 4 tiered anti-virus protection features and priority processing rules on our mail servers for all e-mail users, you’ll assured of virus free e-mails and junk-free e-mails to your mailboxes.

More companies have outsourced their e-mail services to us as our services have proven reliable. We have earned the trust of over 50,000 e-mail users for processing over 400,000 e-mails daily on its mail servers.

Let us take the hassles of e-mail servers from you so you can return to your core business with confidence!

Your preferred domain name
The email hosting will be @yourdomain. Our email hosting allows you to use your own domain name. The email addresses for all your staff would be in similar in format and appearance. Thus, your business or corporate image will be well presented to your customers in the frontline.

POP3 Server
In computing, most local e-mail clients such as Outlook Express use the Post Office Protocol version 3 (POP3), to retrieve e-mail from a remote server over a TCP/IP connection. Nearly all the subscribers to individual Internet service provider email accounts access their e-mail with client software that uses POP3. However our email hosting support another special feature which allows e-mail users to access their account through their favourite Web browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape Navigator, etc. This is why it is known as WebMail system.

Innovative webmail availability
One of the most unique and powerful features of our email hosting is our webmail client. We call it webmail client because it is much more than any traditional webmail interface, it is very client-orientated. Most of the features that you find in your favourite email applications such as Outlook, Thunderbird and Outlook Express can be found in this amazing web application.

It is our intention to built and provide an email client that caters to the needs of our clients. Your feedback or suggestion to improvise WebMail client is most welcomed and appreciated.

OPERION MAIL!!! click here to access the features detail and pricing:
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Operion Mail - Standard - Sending limits

To keep our systems healthy and your accounts safe, all Google Apps account limit the amount of mail a user can send. The limits restrict the number of messages sent per day and number of recipients per message. After reaching one of these limits, a user cannot send new messages but can still receive incoming email.
The restriction on sending new mail typically lasts for one hour, but can last as long as 24 hours. A user can access and use the account normally after this period, at which time the sending limits are automatically reset.
The following limits apply for Google Apps for Business or Education editions. Sending limits for Google Apps for Business trial users are lower than those in the table below. The value of these limits may change without notice in order to protect Google’s infrastructure.
Sending limits
Limit type Description Value
Messages per day Daily sending limit* 2000
Messages auto-forwarded Messages automatically forwarded from another account; not included in the daily sending limit 10,000
Auto-forward mail filters Account filters that automatically forward mail 20
Recipients per message Addresses in the To, Cc, and Bcc fields of a single email* 2000 (500 external)
Recipients per message (sent via SMTP by POP/IMAP users) Addresses in the To, Cc, and Bcc fields of a single email* 100
Total recipients per day Individual addresses count in every mail sent; 5 emails sent to 10 addresses count as 50 recipients* 10,000
External recipients per day Email addresses outside your primary domain. Includes domain aliases and alternate domains. 3000
Unique recipients per day Individual addresses count once a day; 5 emails sent to 10 addresses count as 10 unique recipients* 3000 (2000 external)
*applies to both internal and external recipients
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System Training - Silent! No Photography! No Video Recording! ^ . ^

Thank you for your co-operation :)

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2 Days To Starting your Brand Name Email Services

2 Days To Starting your
Brand Name Email Services

“Enjoying your own domain name e-mail, with zero experience & zero expertise”

Reliable Email Hosting Services at fraction of your business cost!

Need an email address that represents your business interest without the hassle of maintaining it yourself at fraction of your business cost? Operion, have the solution that is just right for you.

Our proactive solution and support will not only ensure you can get your business email up quickly but also reliably. It is totally secured – viruses won’t get in and your confidential information won’t get out. You can be assured of virus free e-mails and junk free e-mails to your mailboxes.

Furthermore, we take your email hosting seriously so that you can get back to do what you do best – creating more businesses for your company. Let us take the hassles of e-mail server out from you. We will act as your email administrator to help you support your email server at all times.

On top of that, we also provide unlimited supports to you if you have any issues while using your email accounts. We also provide complementary newsletters to our existing customers.

Want to find out more? Then you can

To have a clear picture about how our WebMail System + Calendar + Tasks Managing works for you and your team. Request a demo from us is FOC before you make purchase. RISK FREE!!!

Thank for your reading... ^ ^
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Operion System Training (Venue: MSC Company)

A list of customer who registered to attend our first system training as below:
Mr Liow, Colin Tan, Mr Saw, Stanley, Eeven Kho, Ms Goo, BRP, MyMart, I-com, Truckmage.

Participate partner:
EMAS Jeff/Vincent, WFL Christine, Kayin

Thank for yours support ==


9:00-9:30 AM
Enter and Seating
9:30-9:35 AM
Welcome & Opening Remarks
Good Morning to all our guests/clients here, welcome. We are delighted to have you here to participate in our system training. Thank you for coming. That many of you travel long distances serves to remind us all just how important our work is.
9:35-10:30 AM
Website DIY
* Q&A session
10:30-10:40 AM
Break Time
10:40-11:00 AM
3-STARS 20mins Introduction
** 5-8 mins for each speaker (Total 3 Speakers)
11:00-12:00 PM
EMS & CRM System
* Q&A session
12:00-12:10 PM
Introduce latest news & Promotion
Closing for system training
12:10-12:30 PM
Secret Revealed Session J
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Software Products we have... What you need? Please call +604 - 3317 832

Or Speak to personal software consultant +6012 - 4040 902 (Jim S.)
Visit our website for more information: http://www.operion.com.my/info_maple_software.html

Designed by Little J.
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The Benefits of having Your Own Domain Name

A business domain name is the basic building block of a business's Internet addressing. The most common style for Australian businesses is: yourbusiness.com.au
OptusNet can register your own domain name for you and we offer services that apply your Domain Name to your business email and website addresses. These can give you easy to remember email addresses like:
and a website address similar to:
  • www.yourbusiness.com.au
NOTE: No two domains can be exactly the same. Availability will therefore depend on what is already registered or pending, and whether the chosen name complies with allocation rules for the second level domain.
Find out more about registering a Domain Name.
Check if your Domain Name is available.

Making it Simple for your Customers

All successful business people know they must make it easy for customers to find their business and simple to contact them. Your customers are more likely to look for, remember and return to your site if it has an address that they can associate with your business.
Your email and website addresses are your online "locations" on the Internet.
Here's a little test. Can you "guess" the postal address or phone number of a well known company, say Optus? Probably not. But you probably would guess that you can find Optus online at www.optus.com.au and contact us with an email to [email protected] And you'd be right! See the convenience you give your customers by having domain name addresses for your business?

Building Your Brand Name

Using your own domain name brings the name of your business into use during every email exchange and website promotion you do. It spreads the name of your business around rather than the name of your Internet Service Provider during all your online business interactions.

Improve Traffic to your Website

When a search engine returns your site, people are more likely to visit it if it has a clear and professional domain name.

What if I don't yet need a website?

A domain name can be registered and used with just our Domain Name Email Service to give your email correspondence a more professional look and make your email addresses simple to remember. By doing this your domain name is also secured for use in your website address when the time comes to set up your business website.
NOTE: If you purchase a Host Service you are required to have addresses similar to: www.mybusiness.com.au. Domain Names cannot be applied as website addresses of our free member websites.
Find out about our BusinessDomain Email Service.

Address Ownership

Once you registered a domain name, you have the right to use that name for the period of registration and any renewal period. So if you ever change business ISPs you can take your domain names with you. You avoid the need to change your business cards, brochures and signage. And you don't have to notify all your contacts of any change to your Internet addresses.

First in, best dressed

By acting quickly to register your domain, you might get first mover advantage. Domains must be unique, so the first company to secure a name can beat all other similarly-named companies to get the most memorable or relevant name for their business.
For example, if King Swimming Pools registers king.com.au then King Furniture and King Seafood must choose something else. King Pools gets the shortest and easiest domain name because they were first.
NOTE: Registration is not evidence of ownership of the name used as a domain name. The licensee of a domain name must ensure that use of that name will not infringe a 3rd party's rights.
The above example uses fictitious companies that are unrelated to any existing businesses.

Using your Domain Name

Registering your Domain Name is only one part of using your domain in your online business services. Your application to register a Domain Name will also include an application to set up OptusNet Domain Email Service and, optionally, Host Commercial Hosting Service.

How do I get started?

Domain Name Search

Is your preferred domain name still available? Find out and let OptusNet register it for you and use it in your BusinessDomain Email and Host addressing!
The search results page will tell you if that domain name is Available or Registered.
Find out more about registering a Domain Name.

Source: [OptusNet]
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We have Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)

"Membership = Clients, Vendors, Suppliers, VIPs, VVIPs"
Fully control on your privacy!

What are Member Group Management?
In Operion, you can create your own member group for others to join you. Whoever join your website group, you would need to take action to "Accept" it. If you do not wish a certain individual to join your group, simply click on the "Remove" button to reject.

What can I do in MGM?
In MGM you can manage your membership and sending e-newsletter to your members. You can send the notification email to your group members in few clicks! Or, can send them the latest news about your services, products, events and promotion. If you are unsure how to prepare an e-newsletter. Operion “3-Options” Email Marketing Tools could assist you in your e-newsletter design.

THREE STEPS to create a New Member Group.
To create a new member group, please follow these steps (in member control panel):
       STEP 1: Navigate to the "Member" -> "Member group"
       STEP 2: Click the "Add New Group" button
       STEP 3: Type in the "Group Name" and "Group Description" and hit the button "Add"

How can I use Member Group to help control my Privacy?
Not only manage your member groups. Operion MGM also allow you to control the privacy content and information. You can choose to set your content as "PUBLIC" or "PRIVATE" to a special member group. Thus, different group of members can have different access level into your website information.

Don't Wait! Experience it by yourself. More detail information located at our official website.
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Our business is come from a successfull website marketing

10 REASONs that you should choose Operion to empower your business thus build a good relationship with your vendors, suppliers and your business partners.

  • Create more value from your Website Development Cost
    Operion creates more value compared to the cost you spend in developing your website.
  • Access to the Social World and Its Inherent Value
    Effective use of social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Blog, etc) to promote your businesses together. Thus, enhance public discovery about your company, products and services.
  • Industry's Company Profile Distribution
    Monthly email distribution by industry grouping to all our members about your company profiles.
  • "3-Options" Email Marketing Tools
    An appropriate used of email marketing strategy and tools can helps you maintain a strong relationship with your clients and generate repeated sales. No hassle, Operion “3-Options” email marketing tools could assist you in your e-newsletter design.
  • Build Your Brand & Recognition
    Building your company’s image and create brand awareness among our members, your suppliers and target clients.
  • Member Group Management
    Your member can be categorized into client, prospect, regular, VIP or any others group. Member Group is easy to   manage and allows you to send notifications to your groups of member at once.
  • In-Touch with Latest Notifications
    Manage your notifications, news, and updates from the company website you have joined in Operion.
  • User Friendly yet Powerful Software Features
    Easy-to-use software tool from front office presentation until the back office system; no technical skill is required.
  • Reliable Customer Service
    Use of E-ticket System to track the issue and get it resolved quickly. Our technical team is always on hand to support.
  • UNLIMITED Future Upgrade & Enhancement
    Ongoing R&D with new technology and features to ensure Operion operates steadily in today's competitive market. Take advantage now and continually enjoy our new added features and tools.
Sign up now to discover how the software technology could grow your business!

You cannot accomplish much alone.
The Operion  divides the effort
And multiplies the effect!

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Five-99 Website Design Main Course (with Drink + Ice Cream)

Get more features at just RM599
  • Unlimited Product Listing
    Unlimited product listing increase your business opportunities. You can upload your product as many as possible whereas free member can upload 20 items only.
  • Custom Website Design
    Operion focuses on a High-Quality and a Professional Look's outcome. We strive to provide you the most Elegant yet Professional Design, from small start-up business to larger corporate sites to brand your company and make your business unique and stand out against any competitors in the future.
  • "3-Options" Email Marketing Tools
    An appropriate used of email marketing strategy and tools can helps you maintain a strong relationship with your customers and generate repeated sales. No hassle, Operion "3-Options" email marketing tools could assist you in your e-newsletter design.
    Operion  "3-Options" Email Marketing Tools as below:

                 1.  Self-writing format
                 2.  Content selection format
                 3.  Design selection format
  • Centralized Product & Company Search
    Centralized your product and company listing in Operion landing page enhance public discovery about your company, products and services.
  • Company Profile Distribution
    Monthly email distribution by industry grouping to all Operion members about your company profiles to build your company's image and create brand awareness.
  • Member Group Management
    Your member can be categorized into customer, prospect, regular, VIP or any others group. Member Group is easy to manage and allows you to send notifications to your groups of  member at once.
  • Multi-Language
    Operion website support in three different language (English, Chinese and Malay). You can use any combination of three different languages for your website to serving a multilingual customer base.
  • Multiple Address Book
    Three addresses book can be list in your website contact form about your branches contact information.
  • Search Engine Optimization
    The process of getting Website rank very high in search engine result page to increase the volume and quality of traffic to a Website.
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