OH!! My computer crash! My account/billing data lost!

To traditional accounting or billing software user. Did you aware that you will face a big lost if your computer crash or stolen one day.

Touch wood... but it's a fact!
If you store everything in your computer/pen drive. Your data will lost if the evil come to you one day.

In today advanced computing. So called "CLOUD COMPUTING" will help resolve your problem. By storing your data on the cloud server will keep your data save and secure. You don't even have to worry about the computer crash.

In the cloud computing, you can even do your work anytime anywhere.
You are not rely on a single computer only. :)

Put aside your traditional accounting or billing software. If you are still using that, make a call if they provide you daily/hourly auto backup? Otherwise, you should get in touch with us to understand how can OP Billing remove your hassle.!

Make a call to 04-3317832 for OP Billing demonstration- without pay for any cent!
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OP Billing launch! launch! launch!

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How To Analyze Competitive Keywords For Your Website

Human think in a different way, but a lot of them thinking the same thing. It could be 'bread' right this second, it could be 'fix my television'. This is the sort of thing, as a webmaster/SEO consultant, to think about. What are the words that people may be thinking when they use the search engine to search for something. How are you going to decide what to put up? But first, why?

Setting up proper keywords for your website would mean two things; traffic and popularity. Depends on how you set up your keywords, your site may appear on the first page of search engine or the 20th. Put yourself into the customer's shoe. Would you want to keep clicking on 'Next' on the search engine result until page 50 to find what you are looking for? I don't think so. Studies had shown that people tend to stop browsing through the results until page 10. Personally I would stop at page 3. Therefore, getting and setting your keyword is absolutely important. The single biggest mistake that newbies would do is to skip this whole keyword mambo-jumbo.

Now, before you have your head exploded, there are tools out there to help ease your headache. Some of the tools are the following. Some of the tools out there are free, and some of them need to be paid.
  1. Google Adwords Keyword Tool:
  2. SEOBook.com's Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis Tools Gadget:
  3. Trellian Keyword Discovery:
  4. SEOBook.com's Google Suggest Keyword Suggestion Scrapper Tool:
Type in the search boxes the keyword that people may be 'thinking' when they use the search engine to find products/services related to yours.

For example, let's say that I have open up a website dedicated on teaching people how to play the guitar.
In Google Adwords Keyword Tool, first I type in 'learn play guitar'. I can see that 'learn play guitar' and 'learn to play guitar' have high search volume that 'learn play the guitar'. That's it! The most suitable keyword would be 'learn play guitar'. How astonishing that a single word would mean big difference.
But! Look at the Advertiser Competition. 'learn play guitar' have high numbers of advertisers using/bidding it. Surprisingly, 'learn play the guitar' have medium numbers of competitiveness. If you want to avoid using keywords that most people out there are using, your second best bet would be the keywords with not much of competitiveness. You can still use keywords with high numbers of bids, but you are competing with the rest of the world (and popular sites!)

To check and see the statistics of how many websites are using the same keyword, you might want to check out SEOBook.com's Google Suggest Keyword Suggestion Scrapper Tool. Type in the keyword, and then it will display amount of competing pages, what Google suggest, and what does the Wordtracker would suggest.

You can try to check out out popular websites out there that are similar to yours and see what sort of keywords they are using. That would give you some rough ideas. Be reminded though, eventhough you can just copy-paste their keywords, you will learn nothing. If you are still unsure about what keywords would be suitable for your website and its content, you can hire SEO firm(s) to deal with it. They're the experts afterall. Setting up good keywords would guarantee you traffic. Afterall, you have what they're looking for.

By Jim Tan, Operion Founder, Jan 8, 2008
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Black Hat Search Engine Optimization

Black Hat Search Engine Optimization is those techniques that used to get higher search result ranking by using unethical methods. These black hat search engine optimization usually contain one or more of below categories:
  1. Break the search engine rule and regulations
  2. Create a poor user experience directly because the black hat search engine optimization techniques utilized on the websites.
  3. Unethically present the content in a different way or non-ethical way to the search engine spiders and search engine users.
Black hat SEO will provide a short term gain in the ranking result, but running these techniques on website, it will also running the risk of penalized by the search engine.
Black Hat SEO techniques to avoid
  1. Invisible/hidden text or tiny text – making the text’s color same as the background color, idea to hidden the text from people seeing and to get higher ranking result by adding keyword for search engine; or smaller the font size of text.
  2. Put irrelevant keyword – put the irrelevant keyword to the website which the keyword is popular but it is not related to the business of our website.
  3. Trademark infringement – put the competitors’ names somewhere in our website especially in the tag which will help to increase the ranking.
  4. Duplicating contents – making more than one page which is with the same contents. This will double up the tag that can increase the ranking from the search engine results.
  5. Page jacking – hijacking or stealing the popular website contents and put it in our website with few or no changes. The owner of content might not notice their content been stolen.
  6. Cloaking – detecting the search engine spider when these spider visit and modifying the page content. It used to improved ranking results of own website. Using some spider or software to grab all the page in the search result index and page content, later use the information grabbed to analyze.
  7. Guestbook spamming – posting some fake comment in other websites’ guestbook which will provide the linking to our website.
  8. Doorway pages – A page which will using to improving the ranking result and it is not contain any real content with it. And then it will re-direct to the real destination page, or automatically re-direct. The information will not useful and interesting to internet surfer.
  9. Google-bowling – submit the competitor’s website to the link farm which will might causing bad affect to that competitors such as idea to make them penalized.
  10. Spamming – creating some pages with not useful contents. The pages created specifically for the purpose of getting higher ranking. The page content might be the advertisements or the listing of other websites.
Punishment of black hat SEO
  1. Banned – The search engine will remove the website completely from their search engine index. One way to check whether our website is removed from search engine index is go search our website in the search engine.
  2. Penalized – the search engine will decrease the ranking of our website in the search engine ranking result. The ranking dropped then the website will visit by lesser internet surfer.
By Jim Tan, Operion Founder, Jan 8, 2008
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What is Link Building

Are you one of those guys who had made a website with lots of stuff to offer to visitors (your portfolio, perhaps) but have no idea what to do next? Well, what do you know.. there are thousands just like you. One of the thing that you can do is to let people KNOW about your website. Be warned though; this is hard work but seeing the traffic report afterwards will be music to your ears.

Link building is like trying to 'advertise' your website on other people's website. But it doesn't just stop there. You can let people know in your favorite forums (in correct section, of course), create those nifty looking forum signature and link it to your website (you can try with email signature too!), leave a comment in people's blog that would link to your website or even print the URL in your name card. Endless of choices. It would be much better if the website that you are going to have the same audience as your website, so they would think “Hey, this guy's website have photos of Hawaii too! Let's check it out!”

Now, why would you want to build links to your website in the first place anyway?
Is this really important? Can't we just skip it?

Okay..why did you make the website in the first place? What was the purpose? If you are trying to showcase your artwork or skills in photography, link building is a very good way to get exposure from the public and even potential employers that might want to hire you. If you are living in Alabama, someone from New York might notice (and being awed) your work (being hired is a bonus). Link building is also good for SEO purposes. When there are lots of popular sites linking to your website, there is a big chance that your website would come out on the first page of the search engine. And when that happens, you can expect big and significant traffic to your website. Once in awhile, search engine all around the world have tendency to change their policy or method to display the search result. Nevertheless, putting up your link in popular websites is a safe bet.

Link building may sound easy, but depends on your target audience (and target websites) it will take most of your daily life routine. It will be tiring at first but hey, no pain no gain. First come out with list of websites/forums/blogs that you would like to 'approach' or post in DAILY, and then figure out things to post. Example, for forums, you can join in any interesting topics but at the same time showing them your forum signature embedded with a link to your site. If your daily life is hectic, or simply not enough time to do all this, you can always find freelancers on the internet for some money. There are even SEO companies out there that would do all the hard work of promoting your site.

To sum it up, link building is to create your small 'network' that would link to each other while building up your site popularity and relevance.

By Jim Tan, Operion Founder, Jan 8, 2008
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SEO Components (Title, Description, Keywords)

Many people still have doubt to the three SEO components (Title, Description, Keywords). Here you go for better understanding!

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Google Apps Tips: Enhance Your Gmail Signature

Enhance Your Email with Rich Text Signatures

Email signatures are a way to provide the recipient with some information about you – the sender. But, have you ever wished your Gmail signature could have a bit more pizazz rather than having it look like this?

Well, now it can! Google recently released a much-requested enhancement in Gmail called Rich Text Signatures. With rich text signatures you can add a punch to your signature through the use of enhanced formatting, links and images. Now your signature can provide the recipient with additional information – like this:

In the signature above, we:
Changed the color, font and size of Craig’s name
Allowed users to quickly contact Craig by making his email address a live link
Italicized ‘office:’ and ‘cell:’ so they stand out
Added his company logo
Added a link to the logo allowing users to access his company’s web site simply by clicking the logo

Let’s get started!

Creating your new signature is really quite simple. Click Settings > General to access your signature. There you’ll see the new feature in the Signature section. If you’ve never added a predefined signature to your email, now’s your chance.
  1. Either click the radio button to the left of the Rich Text Signature box or simply begin entering your information in the large text window.

  2. Use the icons above the text window to enhance your signature.

  3. When you’re finished, click Save Changes.

Add an image!

To add an image:
  1. Click Insert Image.
  2. In the ‘Add an Image’ dialog, enter the Web address (URL) of the image.
  3. Note that the image must reside on the Internet and cannot be an image stored on your computer. If the URL is correct, the image displays below the ‘Image URL’ field. An image that displays properly does not mean permission has been granted to use it. When selecting an image, be mindful of the fact that the image may be copyrighted. When using a company logo, select one that has been sanctioned by your organization. A good place to start is your company’s web site. To find the image’s URL, right-click on the image and, depending on your browser, select either ‘Copy Image Location’ or ‘Copy image URL . Paste the web address (URL) in the ‘Image URL’ field.
  4. Click OK.

Add a link!

To add a link to an email address:
  1. To add a link to your email address, either (a) place your cursor at the right end of the image or email address and, holding down the left mouse button, drag the cursor to the left to select it, or (b), place your cursor on part of the email address and, with your left mouse button, and quickly click 3 times to select it.
  2. Click the Link icon.
  3. Your email address should now appear in blue text and underlined.

To add a link to an image:

  1. Depending on your browser, you may need to place your cursor at the right of the image and, holding down the left mouse button, drag the cursor to the left to select it. In other browsers, you may find you can simply click on the image to select it.
  2. Click the Link icon to display the ‘Edit Link’ dialog.
  3. Enter the URL, such as your company’s web address, into the ‘To what URL should this link go?’.
  4. Click Test this link to verify that the link is correct.
  5. If the link opens the correct page, click OK.

Before sending out our signature for the world to view, it’s a good idea to send yourself an email containing your new signature. If you need to edit it, just return to the signature section on the General tab and make your changes.

Note: If you are creating or viewing your image link in Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer, you may notice a colored border around the image. This is normal and is designed to inform users the image contains a link. Users viewing your linked image in either of these browsers will also see the colored border.

Source: http://www.cloudsolutions.co.uk/training/google-apps-tips-enhance-your-gmail-signature/
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Operion's Founder Birtyday GIF Away! (五年难得的一次)

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OP Billing Soft Training just take 45Mins

Last Friday, I have conducted a soft training about OP Billing in Sunway Starbuck.
It take around 45mins ~ Cool!

The student get shock with the few strengths of the system that I have cover...

  • Automatically record your quotation and invoice REF# reference number
  • Support multi-currency, there is high potential in selling to an international businesses.
  • One click invoice in just 2 seconds clicking.
  • Email invoice in just 2 seconds clicking.
Would you interested to find out more? Click here

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I drive 30KM back to office just to create an invoice! Aduh!

In today competitive market. Your business will not just focus in a small city. A good marketing person will seek for opportunities to develop the business and build the business network from city to city and state to state.

Here is a question to ask yourself!
If you are in a sales development in other state, or country. Would you need a convenient and reliable system to manage your contact, create invoice, and view the report online?

With an online billing system. You will never need to travel back to your office, or calling to your admin to create the invoice.

 Before I continue, do you see the advantage you will enjoy if you have an online billing system?

Make a quick call to +604 - 3317 832 to get more information or click the website link below:
=> www.operion.com.my/operion_billing.html
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Never Let Your Pretty Account Clerk To Do Something Not Valuable! How?

Would you like to see your account clerk sit at your office 8 hours to do the data entry task?

Implement with a systematic account + billing system. She will no longer need to do the data entry task. Her valuable time can be spend on other job scope such as...
  • Helping in sales development
  • Helping in business management plan
And a lot more things she can do to grow up the business.
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Pick-Up Operion Billing just in 3,600 seconds

Operion Billing is designed to serve the company who need a system to replace their manual work.

It's an easy to learn and drive software in today market. Just let us tell you an unbelievable information.. You can learn and drive the Operion Billing in 3,600 seconds only!

After the 3,600 seconds training. You will have full control over the system maintenance work (maintain customer, settings, tax, service charges percentage), create quotation, send invoice and view report.

Click here www.operion.com.my/operion_billing.html
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Become An Export in Billing Control (in 2 Hours)

Buying an accounting software to manage your billing, invoice, customer database would take you few days of longer to become expert.

However, Operion Billing is an easy to use online billing software. You will enjoy yourself to manage your customer database, invoices, debtors, and view all the important reports in 2 hours training course.
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Thank You Letter to New Member

Welcome to Operion!

I am so delighted to take this opportunity to send our sincere thank to our customers who subscribe with Operion.

With and on-going Research and Development, Operion will continues to provide better software technology  and integrated new-trend promotion and marketing strategies to your businesses.

Remember, you have taken the first crucial step in making a difference for your business grow stronger than ever. Once again, thank you so much for joining us. We look forward to serving you for many years to come. 

-- from Jim - Operion MD
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Thanks Letter for Business Reference

Thank You !

We are so delighted to take this opportunity to send our sincere thank to share Operion to your facebook network. 

I especially appreciate your offer to connect us to others in your network. Any additional suggestions you may have would be welcome.

Again, thanks so much for all the LIKE & Share.

-- from Jim - Operion MD
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Transform Your Data Entry Work To Automated Billing System!

If you implement The Operion Billing to your company account department.
We can guarantee that your account clerk will have a lot of spare time to do other stuffs. This is the reason because they do not need to do spend time on manual data entry into the accounting system.

Just two click for the export and import button! Click here for more about Operion Billing System.

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Content Management System RM599 (Unlimited Pages Website)

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The Benefits of doing business online

The benefits will very much depend on the nature of your business, and the extent to which you choose to embrace the technology! Although it makes sense to make the most of the features available, it is perfectly valid to take it one step at a time. It is not a case of all or nothing!

The choice is yours
You may choose to use only e-mail (at least initially). Alternatively you may decide on a website now, but not to use e-mail. Both a website and e-mail can be used to market your business on-line. When you’re ready, and it is relevant, you may embark on a full e-commerce solution.

Your virtual shop window
The internet is an excellent channel for promoting your business to potential clients anywhere, anytime. All they need is your website address, whether from a business card, an advert, letterhead, email or search engines.

It offers a cost effective and convenient means of keeping in touch with your existing client base and keeping them informed of developments within your business. And you can achieve this without visiting the printers, or mailing hundreds of letters.

A website will maximize your marketing investment, by leveraging this versatile and dynamic marketing channel which is the internet.
There is much more you can do with your website from gathering contact details and information about visitors to your site, to ultimately trading on-line. It becomes your virtual shop window enabling you to compete on much more equal terms with much larger organizations.

Communicate using E-mail
E-mail is not just an alternative form of communication, it also offers the potential for much more imaginative material, and the advantage of linking directly to the internet
• Efficient, interactive channel for communicating with customers and suppliers
• Efficient form of internal communication
• Customers can be kept informed of changes to your business through electronic newsletters
• Promote your website through e-mail by including a link
• E-letterheads / e-stationery can enhance your image
• COST EFFECTIVE – no postage, printing, envelopes

Establish your presence in the global marketplace:
• In the virtual world of the internet, your website is the virtual shop front to your business.
• You can provide your (prospective) clients with up to date information about you business
• Updates are instantly available to everybody, at a relatively small cost (no printing or postage)
• No write off costs relating to redundant promotional material
• Visitors can help themselves to information; anytime, anywhere, and as often as they wish – making them more likely to do so

Market your business online:
• Reinforce corporate and brand identity. Make your existing investment in marketing go further
• Advertise services and products
• Collect e-mail addresses and other information through your website
• Conduct market research through your website
• Promotion through targeted direct e-mail campaigns
• Build customer relations through personalised service
• Deliver targeted prospects to your mailbox!

E-Commerce: Open all hours
More and more people now buy on the internet because of the convenience and the variety of goods that are available.
• Your business can be ‘open all hours’
• Reduced transaction costs through online orders and, ultimately, payment
• Optional supply chain integration, streamlining your business

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Malaysia Server Comparision

Note: The chart above is for your understanding the differentiation between hosting package. Your subscription/purchase could be different specification.

Ask for quotation: [email protected]

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Using “Ping Plotter” to trace network of Slow / Unable to Access Server


If you are having slow website access, it would be best to send us the trace route results via ‘PingPlotter’, as it would help us in identifying the issue better.


Download from pingplotter.com website

Requirement: Microsoft Windows Operating System

1. Go to http://www.pingplotter.com/ -> Download -> Ping Plotter Freeware or directly download from http://www.pingplotter.com/downloads/pngplt_1.exe

2. Install the pingplotter application and open it.

Step for Getting a Traceroute result from PingPlotter

1. Enter the domain name / IP address / server name or URL to the address to be trace.

2. Click on “Trace” button.

3. The pingplotter result will appear on the right.

4. You will see a columns for Hop, PL% which stands for Packet Loss, IP address, DNS Name, AVG for response time, CUr for latency and Graph.

5. Go to Edit and click on Copy as Images for traceroute result obtained.

6. Then attached it in the ticket or E-Mail to our support department.

Below is the interface of PingPlotter

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How to stop receiving duplicate email messages

Getting duplicate emails via POP3 connection in Microsoft Outlook is quite a common issue. To reduce the possibilities on having duplicates email:
1. Make sure that there is no duplicates email account setup on the same MS Outlook.
2. Make sure that there is only one MS Outlook is running. Check on the task manager to make sure that there is no duplicate outlook.exe instance running on the same machine. Duplicate instances of outlook.exe running can produce duplicate messages
arriving at the same time. You will need to then determine why two instances of Outlook were running in the first place.
3. Make sure that you do have Service Pack 2 installed if you are using MS Outlook in Windows XP. You can check on the updates at http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/officeupdate/default.aspx
Between to fix the problem, please try:
  1. Close the Ms Outlook to disconnect the POP3 access (This is to prevent your email account being locked in the server)
  2. Login to your webmail account
  3. Check the inbox and Remove the unwanted emails, spam mails or large size emails
  4. Login out the webmail
  5. Reopen the Ms Outlook and try again to receive the emails via POP3 connection
Additional information on the duplicate emails issue can be found at http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=284404
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SEO : Paid vs. Organic Search

More source:
  1. http://www.optimum7.com/internet-marketing/paid-search/paid-search-vs-organic-search.html
  2. http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/1514/Paid-Search-vs-Organic-Search.aspx
  3. http://www.wilsonweb.com/paid-search/organic-paid.htm
  4. http://searchengineland.com/paid-vs-organic-search-understanding-the-dynamics-33155
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Google Map not showing up in IE9

Find the (64-Bit) version of Internet Explorer 9, Icon is located in the start -> Programs menu, Next

Go to START -> PROGRAMS -> COMPUTER / PROPERTYS Check if System type = 64 Bits.

If yes! Go to Adobe website and download the latest 64 bit Flash Player 10 software Bata release. Then go to Java website download the latest 64 bit release of Java Scripts Active X

Then shut off and On the PC, once your computer powers up everything should be working.

Download link: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/
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PayPal: Transaction Fees for Domestic Payments

Sending Money

It’s always free to send money to friends and family when you use your PayPal balance or bank account. Fees apply only if the sender uses a credit or debit card, or if you receive any payment for goods or services. There are also:
  • No monthly fees to maintain a PayPal account.
  • No setup fees.
  • No gateway fees.
  • No fees for multiple eBay and merchant tools.

Receiving Purchase Payments

Discounted Merchant Rate:

Withdrawal Funds
PayPal offers the following options for withdrawing funds from your PayPal account. 

Fee for Singapore:

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When to set your Debt to become Bad Debt?

Almost every companies have debt, just a matter amount.
Small company will have small debt, big corporate will have more debts. A company will collapse if the cash flow doesn't manage well.

If you are having too many debt. When should you set an account as Bad Debt? I don't know... a consultant is needed :)

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Accounting Firm is The King of Lumber Cutter

Past one month, I spend my extra time to give accounting firms to do the market survey.
Know what! It's because my wife have an interested to setup an account firm.

Out of five accounting firm I had visited. Some are very professional but some are like just step into primary school. Oh dear... I'm not pointing to anyone here.

One thing that I surprise is they consume a lot of papers. Out of the five company, a company name told that they need at least 50 rims of paper during the taxation submission period. It give me a WAH! I can't believe how many trees has been cut. Immediately i prize them as "The King of Lumber Cutter".

Please... I hope they can have some improvements into their business model to reduce the usage of paper. Maybe the online filing system could implement into their company. Or, the customer just send them the softcopy of invoice without printing.

Save our environment! Save our earth! Reduce the ink consumption!

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Power Your Company With An Domain Email Account

Reserve your company domain name for your email and website purpose. 
It can be use in the future..How?


  • With your company name domain to represent your own identity ([email protected])
  • With your nice crafted signature to delivery a professional image to your customer/prospect/investors!
  • Best control over your company employees email transaction.
  • Save your license fee! No Microsoft Office license is needed (The G.APPS has ready in our Mail - Standard package!)

The Power of Email Hosting

Your business is protected with anti-spam and anti-virus. More companies have outsourced their e-mail services to us as our services have proven reliable. We have earned the trust of over 50,000 e-mail users for processing over 400,000 e-mails daily on its mail servers.

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Did your customer always pay you late?

When i'm meet up a friend who startup a business consultant company today. The first word would be he say... "Haiz.z..... hard to collect the payment in today market."

I will reply immediately:
Why? Market down? It's because you do not want to collect? Or, you forgot to ask for payment? Or your customer run away from you? All the possibilities I mention has not hit the answer. 

I will then reply again... No worry, take it easy. Why not you hire a person to manage your account and report to you the financial status in weekly or monthly basics? How about get yourself a good software manage your overdue invoices. With this way, you can refer to the system to perfume the job as "debts collector". I believe this will resolve your problem.

--- Market survey by Jim @ A.City Juru on 31, July 2012
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