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Do You Have SSL for your Website?

SSL makes your website safer when transferring data and files. How to distinguish whether a website has SSL or not, we can realize by examine the site. If the site begins with http, it means there's no SSL, while https has SSL Certification.

What are the benefits of SSL?
  1. Your customer's registration information will be protected.
  2. The website looks more professional, and customers will increase their confidence to purchase from you.
Of course, you can start a website without SSL, but it is a sure thing that SSL will raise your company's competitiveness.
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How Do Software Customization Cost?

Every company will be paid for its labor. So does our company. So how much does our company charge?

Generally speaking, we get the basic knowledge of what the customer needs and then calculate the price according to the time cost.

After understanding the customer's requirements, we will accurately locate your requirements. There are ready-made templates can be purchased at market. If the templates are meeting your needs, we will advise customers to buy a template for a small amount of money. Because it takes a lot of time and funds for customers and us to rebuild a new equipment. And a lot of testing needs to be done.

But if you need to rebuild a new software, how do we charge for it?

Let's say your software takes three people a month to complete. Firstly we estimate it at the cost of three workers. The company will then make further detailed offers.

But firstly we would stand in our customers' position, whether there are ready-made templates qualified, save time and effort ? If not, we will build a website for customers.
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Let's Create a Multi-Level Commission System

Multilevel / unilevel marketing system, also known as MLM System. We've built MLM for about 50 companies through the years. Therefore, our company is fully capable of helping you make the MLM you want as long as your request is reasonable.

In addition, our team has advantages in time. As long as your requirements are clear,  we will deliver the goods within the time you required.  Let's say you need delivery in one month, no problem.  If it's urgent and needs a week's delivery,  we can do the same.  We have full of ability to do that,  and will make the customer 100% satisfied with our service.
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How IOS Android Development Cost?

When we create App for others, price is of an important factor of course. For example, how should we charge for an app like Ride Hailing or Taobao?

We charge it according to time. I will introduce the charge standard with an example in detail as follows.

Typically, App development requires two teams, as well as one designer. Designer help you design good interfaces. You also need to hire experts to do software testing. Software testing is important. Customers who download your App will delete it immediately if they feel uncomfortable while using it.  Make sure the App is attractive to customers.

All you need are five person. One person charge RM3,000 a month. If your App is complicated and needs spend three months for building. You need to spend RM45,000, which is the lowest price. Then it will charge according to  software complexity.
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Give Me Some Backup Solutions!

With the rapid development of science and technology nowadays,  every file is stored in our hosting or server. But can your host backup?  Some hosts can't be backed up. If you need backup, you need to buy additional. Backup is very important for us to ensure that your data will not get lost.

The charges for backups in the market are as follows
  1. Monthly fees.
  2. No charge, backup in your existing server.
  3. External backup, copy your data into another server.

We can set different backup times,  and we can choose to backup every ten days. Some banks or large companies choose to back up two or three times a day.  Even hourly backups. Of course,  industries with high security requirements will backup more frequently,  such as banks.

The price of each backup is different. We will choose the right backup for you according to your company's situation. Whatever the website is, it requires backup.
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SEO Fundamental Tips!

Let's talk about SEO. In fact, SEO has the same principle that is put your ranking in front of Google.

If you want to get ahead of the list, you need to meet the following requirements:
  1. Make GOOGLE love you.
  2. Make GOOGLE think you're professional and reliable.
 And How to achieve these?

You need to ensure your website information is unique, quality and informative. The website must be well design, mobile responsive and the graphic is well loads in the technical perspective. Simply say if your website is well developed and quality. Your customers will like it, and Google will also like it.

When we talk about reliability,  it means that your website should not be too complex to sell.  If you are a flower company, you only need to sell flowers, and you don't need to sell anything else that has nothing to do with flowers. Make your website looks very expert in your field.

In fact, it is very simple to improve the ranking, as long as we follow the above two points as above.

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Choose Your Ecommerce Platform!

There are a wide range of E-commerce platform and solution.

The first one is: you can install your E-commerce website on your own server. Such as Wordpress, Opencard. In this way you can modify and improve your website easily.

The second one is: If you don’t have e-commerce website as well as  cloudbase. What you can do is Put your product on other marketplaces.  What does that mean?  That means if you upload your product to his website, you won't get the source code for your website.  And if one day you don't use the their service, the product won't easy to move out.

Such as Taobao, Lazada. is know as a cloud base ecommerce platform and it is also known as a MARKETPLACE because marketplace serve with a lot of traffics. You don’t need to worry about internet marketing. So it’s a easier for a starter.

Create a Marketplace
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Mobile Payment Gateway vs Credit Card

There are several brands of Payment Gateway.  Such as Touch-N-Go Pay,  Boost Pay,  Alipay, Wechatpay, they all belongs to mobile payment gateway. It makes our payment more convenient and efficient. But some people don't know whether it's good or bad for us to simplify the payment way greatly.
Generally speaking, when you pay through mobile payment gateway in Malaysia, the bank has no access of your records unlike credit card will keep track your spending transaction.

When you pay by credit card, the bank will have your consumption record. From then on, you can know your consumption pattern, your personality,  your preferences, the way you pay the debt and whether you pay it on time. In this way, you can increase the bank's trust in you.

As an user, when we spend our money at the same time we need to think about the credit and trust in bank. As a merchant, you can provides more payment options for your customer to pay.
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Build Your Online Marketplace!

There are many marketplace on the Internet. Today will share with you the marketplace in real estate industry. Generally speaking, marketplace helps you to search and buy. On the other hand there is a seller publish their product.

Every industry has its own marketplace. Tobuild your own marketplace for your industry,  it's not difficult. The most important thing is to consider how to connect the seller with the buyer.
For example, here are some successful real estate property marketplace on the Internet:
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4 Reasons Why Every Business Needs a Website

Website makes you look professional

    Consumers nowadays are very savvy and smart. If you don't have a business website to show your information, what makes you think that they will trust your company? There are approximately 60% consumers in this digital era think a company which has a business website is more credible than a company who only active in social media. Put it in a simple way, your business website can be said as a professional certification or degree cert when applying a job.

Show me what you got

    A good website design not only involves the colour or style of the website, it also takes into consideration on how good the content is and how well do users understand our product/service we are offering. What we can do is to express what we are actually doing and how it may benefit consumers. For example, take a look at ESPN sport website. The website design utilizes background video to keep up with the sports network’s energy and sections with subtle hover and transition effects and to keep the user experience smooth.

Stay control of your brand

    A good website design acts as a platform for you to engage with your consumer. You may use your website to shape and form a good perception and good image for your business in a way your social media cannot provide.The platform allows you to position yourself in the market to get the exact type of customers you’re looking for.

You are always available 24/7

    I believe no one is willing to work during midnight at the shop but there’s a possibility sales are coming during midnight. So how are you going to make sales after your 9-5 job? That’s why we need an e-commerce website design to help us to run our business 24 hours. An online store can help your business in different ways such as boost up sales, automated reply to customers, providing right information to customers etc. Apart from operating a website, it can combine with some marketing tools like digital marketing or influencer marketing to help you boost up you online presence.

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