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CRM ~ Help Improve Your Business

In the past, we focused our business on building new customers. This leads us to neglect our regular customers. However,  old customers are the key to our development and growth,  as well as the indispensable elements in our business. So we use CRM system to help us maintain customers. Why?
  1. Create new customer at the same time retain our regular customers.
  2. Build customer loyalty and increase their repeat purchases rate.
  3. Read and understand your customer behaviour and you will know how to strategy your product and pricing.
It helps us improve our marketing strategy.  Make us a more competitive company.
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Facebook Marketing and Workshop

There are a lot of people ask us how to do Facebook marketing.  Many people in the market offer teaching services about it. When we finished designing the website for many customers, they would ask us how we should promote it in the next step. Generally , we don't do it for you directly. Why? Because We need the customer to have a basic understanding of Facebook marketing before you pay for the advertisement. Normally , we will suggest customers to carry out basic training in order to master the basic knowledge .

When you know what is facebook marketing,  you know where your money is going.  And you have a general Idea about the ideal effect.  We can communicate together and get twice the result with half the effort. This is an important element of Facebook marketing. 
Facebook Workshop
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Is SMS Marketing Good To Use?

Is SMS Marketing Good To Use?

A lot of people want to know if SMS marketing good to use?

Faced with different industries and actual situation, it reveals different functions. Usually our customers will use it to promote products or deal with an emergency.

Meanwhile, its cost varies from country to country. If you use it to send Chinese and English, price various too. In addition, our company provides API integration. That is to say, our SMS dock with your system, you can send SMS through our channel.

If you want to send information or publicity products to customers, please contact us.
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Create Your Free website!

There are a lot of free website builder such as  If you got enough time to operate by yourself,  you can prepare a  wonderful copy and pictures posted on your website.

Of course you can set up a free website. But they are often charged at last.

If you want to build a free website,  you need to spend a lot of time writing copy and making pictures. As a boss you might not have that much time,  we that you pay for a web design agency to help you create a beautiful website.

Create a Website
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Is Your Website Mobile Responsive?

What is Mobile Responsive Website? Actually, Mobile Responsive Website is a website. What’s the difference between Mobile Responsive Website and other website?
  • First, it can be well presented on the mobile phone
  • Secondly, its requires a high technical level. it is very important  whether in the computer, mobile phone or tablet can well present.

But why do we need Mobile Responsive Website?
Similarly, it is related to the ranking of Google. Quality is of course very important if you want to make your website popular. At the same time, if Mobile Responsive Website can be perfectly displayed on the mobile phone, it will surely improve your ranking.

It can be said that every well-known company has well-designed Mobile Responsive Website.
More about Mobile Website
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Is your Company need a Website?

Some people told that a website is not really useful today. We cannot say this is 100% true. Let's imagine, if you open a shop, how your customer feel if you do not have a signboard? The website represent your company branding and your professionalism.

Secondly, if you are going to present your company to a corporate client. Would you tolds them that you have 10,000 facebook fans but you do not have a website?

Website is a basic marketing tool for a business regardless your business size because website can present your company brand, it represent your professionalism and it show that you are really in your business.
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Do You Know Landing Page?

What is Landing Page? Actually, Landing Page is a website. For example, when you advertise on Google, Facebook and Baidu, customers will enter your website through your advertisement, this is called Landing Page.

There are several aspects need to know:
  • Don't be too complicated. Just focus on one product or two services.
  • Don't put too many things in a landing page. When a customer is interested in your product, he will leave a message or order your subscribe for more information.
In fact, he represents the salesman of your company. We don't advertise too much there, but give them more detail information.

And a company can have many Landing Page. It depends on how many products you have. If you have 10 different kinds of items, you can set 10 different Landing Page. Because ten products have ten selling points.

To sum up, he is essential to a company. Please make it well and Landing Page will help you succeed.
Landing Page RM1000 
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Marketplace Is Nice For Your Products!

What is Marketplace?
Actually, it is an E-Commerce. All right, Let’s start with E-Commerce — an exclusive website for selling items.  And Marketplace is like  You will process money transactions on the website.

What different between Marketplace and Classified Site?

It’s a big difference from Classified, such as, Craiglist where don’t have money transactions . Its function is post advertise, such as Mudah. So, if your company has a new product,  besides promoting it on your website,  you can put it on Marketplace,  It's a good way to promote your product.
Build a Marketplace Website
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7 Technology Trends IT Pros Need to Know for 2018

Gartner analysts gathered in Orlando last week to reveal their bets for the top strategic technology trends for 2018.
As 2017 draws to a close, IT leaders are thinking ahead to the technology trends that will impact their business over the next 12 months and beyond.
Gartner analysts gathered in Orlando last week to reveal their bets for the top strategic technology trends for 2018.
According to Gartner, a strategic technology trend is one with “substantive disruptive potential that is beginning to break out of an emerging state into broader impact and use, or which are rapidly growing trends with a high degree of volatility reaching tipping points over the next five years.”
Here are 7 strategic technology trends for 2018, relevant to IT pros, and what can be done now to prepare:
1. AI Foundation
Gartner expects that creating systems that learn and act autonomously will be a “major battleground” for technology vendors through 2020.
Action Item: Invest in skills, processes and tools to build AI-enhanced systems; these include data preparation, integration, and algorithm and training methodology selection; model creation
2. Intelligent Apps and Analytics
Apps and services will continue to incorporate some level of AI. According to Gartner, intelligent apps create a “new intelligent intermediary layer between people and systems and have the potential to transform the nature of work and the structure of the workplace.”
Action Item: Think about how AI can add business value to software and services, improving user experiences
3. Digital Twin
Digital twins, in the context of IoT projects, is a promising area over the next three to five years, Gartner says. Digital twins of assets have the “potential to significantly improve enterprise decision-making.”
Action Item: Consider a strategy for digital twins; over time, improve their ability to collect and visualize the right data, apply right analytics, and respond effectively to business objectives
4. Cloud to the Edge
Edge computing places content collection and delivery closer to the sources of this information, cutting down on latency.
Action Item: Begin using edge design patterns in infrastructure architectures
5. Conversational Platforms
While conversational platforms have reached a tipping point around their understanding of language and basic user intent, they still fall short, Gartner says.
Over the next few years, conversational interfaces will be delivered in dedicated hardware, core OS features, platforms and applications, according to Gartner.
Action Item: Select conversational platforms that have robust conversational models and APIs to help deliver complex outcomes
6. Event Driven
According to Gartner, business events are anything that is “noted digitally, reflecting the discovery of notable states or state changes, for example, completion of a purchase order, or an aircraft landing.”
Event brokers, IoT, cloud computing, blockchain, in-memory data management and AI all help business events be detected faster and analyzed in greater detail, Gartner says.
“Event thinking is a key component of digital-business-native organizations. A well-functioning digital business is always in an ecosystem, always sensing and always ready to respond -- so it must be well-grounded in event processing,” Gartner says.
Action Item: Consider what cultural and leadership changes are necessary along with technology to embrace event-thinking
7. Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust
Continuous adaptive risk and trust assessment (CARTA) approaches allow for real-time decision making, and strike down barriers between security teams and application teams, according to Gartner.
Action Item: Integrate security testing at multiple points into DevOps workflows (DevSecOps)
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Best 5 Latest Information Technology Trends in 2018

Best 5 Latest Information Technology Trends in 2018

Best 5 Latest Information Technology Trends in 2018
Technologies along with industries and markets have scaled new heights in the year 2017. Whether it was smartphones, data security or artificial intelligence there was considerable advancement and progress in the field of technology. But this is not all as these can be a turning point for bigger things to come.
Although it is difficult to make future predictions, certain indicators in the last year can help to provide a glimpse of what 2018 holds for us. Below we have made top five tech trend predictions that will certainly change the way of the world.

Tech No 1: Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

In 2017 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have seen considerable advancement by making deep-rooted progress in most sectors. Seeing this trend of data algorithms and data explosion along with easy access to ML tools will all change our lives and also the way we interact with other people and objects. AI will show its presence in new startups and new tech companies from driverless cars to AI chatbots in the present year.

Tech No 2: Internet of Things(IoT) & Blockchain Revolution

2018 will witness an increase in the use of mobile devices to manage smart gadgets and interconnected devices like smart doors, smart locks and smart cars with your smartphones. The data explosion that automatically comes with IoT will make 5G imperative for mobile service providers.
Blockchains that grew in popularity last year will be the center of focal attention in 2018. Though Cryptocurrency is backed by decentralized digital leaders, predictions are that their real value will be visible in other areas besides the growth of digital currency. Moreover, the blockchain influence will expand and transform the Internet of Things with a reduction in the risk of hacking as the data will be stored across a chain of millions of computers.

Tech No 3: Quantum Computing

Although computers have become faster and more efficient progress in the silicon technology sphere has slowed down. The next step according to scientific studies is Quantum computers that will bring about a new wave in computer technology promising a revolution in the world. In comparison to conventional computing methods which depend on brute force and bits to find an answer to problems, Quantum computers use qubits that allows them to find a solution directly without having to beat around the bush with possible negative answers.

Tech No 4: Foldable SmartPhones

While 2017 saw bezel-less displays, 2018 will see a great innovation in mobile devices with foldable smartphones. Such phones with foldable displays will allow designers and scientists to make innovations beyond imagination. Smartphones will become compact and more portable if they are folded. There are already rumors of Samsung launching one such foldable device this year.

Tech No 5: Augmented Reality

With tech giants like Facebook, Google and Apple embracing Augmented Reality we are all awaiting the first AR apps in the present year. Experts are expecting their efforts to start paying for Augmented Reality finally becoming very big. Everything from smartphones and laptops to gaming consoles and medicine will see this technology to play a big pivotal role.
The year 2018 seems a promising year as far as digital transformation is concerned to be it AI, IoT, Blockchain revolution, AR or Quantum Computers. Companies will certainly adopt such innovative technologies to be part of this globally competitive world.

Best 5 Latest Information Technology Trends in 2018

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