Give Me Some Backup Solutions!

With the rapid development of science and technology nowadays,  every file is stored in our hosting or server. But can your host backup?  Some hosts can't be backed up. If you need backup, you need to buy additional. Backup is very important for us to ensure that your data will not get lost.

The charges for backups in the market are as follows
  1. Monthly fees.
  2. No charge, backup in your existing server.
  3. External backup, copy your data into another server.

We can set different backup times,  and we can choose to backup every ten days. Some banks or large companies choose to back up two or three times a day.  Even hourly backups. Of course,  industries with high security requirements will backup more frequently,  such as banks.

The price of each backup is different. We will choose the right backup for you according to your company's situation. Whatever the website is, it requires backup.
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