Advantages of Cloud Servers

Cloud computing may be a controversial subject today but it is going to be looked at as a revolutionary technology in retrospect. Even the US government is acquiring cloud computing services, and we can expect more organizations leaping at the Cloud. Let’s look at what makes it good for businesses.
  • Cloud computing helps cut down costs. Operational expenses are reduced with cloud computing. You pay only for what you use; costs are directly proportional to your requirements. Also, the cost of setting up the system is less.
  • It is easy to install the technology. Cloud computing does not need businesses to get additional hardware or software. Moreover, the implementation is done remotely.
  • Cloud computing is a big time-saver. Businesses save time at the time of set-up, as cloud computing becomes functional faster than other systems. It also ensures fast recovery. Thus, businesses do not lose unnecessary time anywhere.
  • It is highly automated. With cloud computing, businesses do not need to set up a team to handle system updates and back-ups. Automation is one of the biggest attractions of this technology.
  • Cloud computing frees up internal resources. Automation helps release important internal resources for other high-priority work.
  • Cloud computing helps businesses become mobile. Employees can access work-related information from anywhere.
People are still wary of the perceived security concerns of cloud computing. However, the future version of cloud computing promises to put security fears to rest. Let’s see how the world responds to our government’s decision to embrace the Cloud.
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Payment Gateway Comparison

If you sell online and you want to accept credit card payments, you will need to sign up an Online Payment Gateway Services. Pick one or more that best suited to your needs!

Online Payment Gateways
Setup Fee
RM 488
Normal USD 175
Now Free
USD 49
RM 400 (Premium)

RM499 (Lite)
Annual / Monthly Fee
RM 500
(soho plan - zero yearly fee lifetime)
1st Year - USD $140
2nd Year onwards - USD $280
Premium plan: MYR 499 / year
Lite plan:
First year
- MYR 99(waived)
Second year onwards - MYR 99 (Waived if the previous year’s total payment processing volume more than MYR 5,000.00)

Credit Card Transaction Fee
3.4% + RM2.00
detailed fee)

3.9 % + RM2.00
detailed fee)
3 %
(soho plan - 4%)
3.95 %
5.5 % + $0.45 USD
detailed fee)
Premium E-debit - 3% or minimum MYR0.60 whichever is higher
 Lite  E-debit - 3.8% or minimum MYR0.60 whichever is higher
Subject to Review
Payment Remittance
/ Settlement Period
Payment into PayPal Account Instantly.
Weekly Transfer to Bank Account (via Bank Transfer)
4 weeks - Transfer to Bank Account (via TT)
Weekly - Transfer to Bank Account (via TT)
(about 3 weeks for Malaysia)
Details here
Weekly Transfer to Bank Account
MOLPay Remittance Chart)
Accepted Currencies International Currencies (USD, RM, Euros, GBP, Yen, SGD and more currencies)
RM Only
(USD also supported, requires separate application)
12 International Currencies
See details)
RM Only
Minimum Amount for Withdrawal

RM 100
Minimum Settlement  - MYR 100 (Premium / Lite)

Premium Settlement Charge: N/A
Lite Settlement Charge: MYR 2 per settlement
Application Approval Time
(Get Your Credit Card ready for verification)
2 working days
5 working days
24~48 hours
E-debit channel (Internet Banking) - 5 working days (must complete all documents)
Credit card channel - Subject to the bank approval.
Estimated time within 3 months
* Easy sign up
* No setup or monthly fees
* International presence
* 100 Million+ ACTIVE registered accounts
* Good for selling worldwide
* Owned by Ebay
* Process multi-currencies
* Support Malaysia Online Bank Transfer
* Offer International Gateways - multiple currencies
* Low transaction fee
* Short settlement period
* After sales service
* Free ad on
* Notified by Bank Negara Malaysia (
Payment System Act 2003)
* World Recognized
* High Trust
* Very Reliable Payment Gateway
* Support Most Currencies Type
* Good for selling Worldwide
* Owned by RBS Bank
Support PayPal (Uk only. T&C Apply).
* Low setup fee
* Easy sign up
* No monthly or gateway fees
* Low startup cost
√  PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance
      Mobile phone and table user friendly payment page

 Email Payment
 QR Code Payment
 Real-Time Online Reporting
 High Tech Fraud Management
 Simple Checkout / ProCheckout
* Support Malaysia Online Bank Transfer
* Low transaction fee
* Notified by Bank Negara Malaysia (
Payment System Act 2003)
Malaysia Online Bank Transfer
Alliance Online
Am Online
CIMB Clicks
EON Online
Hong Leong Online
RHB Online
FPX (Maybank2U, HL Online, RHB Online, Bank Islam, PbeBank, CIMB Clicks)
Alliance Online
Am Online
CIMB Clicks
Hong Leong Online
RHB Online
FPX (Maybank2U, HL Online, RHB Online, Bank Islam, PbeBank, CIMB Clicks)
Works with
Operion Ecommerce (Biz Commerce & Brand commerce)

Apply for Paypal
Apply for iPay88
Apply for RBS WorldPay
Apply for 2Checkout
Apply for 2Checkout
Learn more

See Worldpay application process

Note: WorldPay no longer supports Malaysia Merchants.

Contact WorldPay sales at +65 6 339 9892
Singapore Branch)
Additional Forms for Applications
Director's Resolution
Letter of Agreement

* This payment gateway comparison table is for information purposes only. WE MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS WEB PAGE. The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

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E-Business Conference 2013 ( We are Back ! )

E-Business Conference

The Best Way For you Yo Step Into E-Commerce & Doing Business Online.

Even You Have No Experience, Capital, Management Skill, Computing Skill


The Odds Are Against You !

It is Free Of Charge ! So, What are you waiting for ?


Register with us now before due date 15/08/2013

Providing your NAME & CONTACT NUMBER
by email, sms or phone call

Phone : 04-3317832
SMS : 010-4646902/012-4040816
Email : [email protected]

For more information please visit
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Operion's Technical Support Team

Operion's Technical Support Team is handled by Experienced System Engineers and System Support Personnel on 24 hours, 7 days a Week to ensure that our services and support are delivered in a timely manner. Ans we provide a high level of responsives and client attention, and a reliable service to our solutions.

Operion does not provide a telephone contact method for technical support. Based on the nature of problems had by web hosting customers, it is much timelier and more effective for issues to be handled via email rather than over the phone.

Website System Support

Website system support will answer any question related to website system issue.
  • Working Hour: 24hrs x 7 days
  • Click here for website system support

Email & Server Support

Support Team will be happy to answer any questions related to your email server configuration, scripts, ftp, application, DNS and control panel issue.
  • Working Hour: 24hrs x 7 days
  • Click here for web support request

Sales Department

Our sales staff will be happy to answer any questions you have about buying products and services.
  • Working Hour: 9.00am - 5.30pm GMT +0800
  • Click here for sales inquiries

Billing Department

Billing department will be happy to answer any billing questions you have about's hosting, products and services.
  • Working Hour: 9.00am - 5.30pm GMT +0800
  • Click here for billing inquiries

Marketing & Strategic Partners

We are glad to answer any question you have about partnering with us.
  • Working Hour: 24hrs x 7 days
  • Click here for partnering

Customer Service Department

Customer Services will answer any non-technical questions you have about's hosting products, services and any complaint that you have.
  • Working Hour: 9.00am - 5.30pm GMT +0800
  • Click here for feedback server support request
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