Get Live Mail/Hotmail on your Windows Phone

Setting up Hotmail on your Windows Phone is easy and free.* When you sync Hotmail to your phone, you can:

Manage your inbox, including reading, deleting, composing, and replying to email messages.

Access your Hotmail folders, contacts, and calendar.

Send photos and videos.

Get notified when you have new messages.

When you first set up your Windows Phone, you're asked to sign in with your Windows Live ID 
(that’s the same as your Hotmail address). If you didn't sign in then―or if you have more than one Windows Live ID—follow these steps:

On Start, flick left to the App list, tap Settings, and then tap Email & accounts.

Tap Add an account, and then tap Windows Live.

If you didn’t sign in with a Windows Live ID during setup, the Before you sign in screen appears. On this screen, tap Next.

Tap the Windows Live ID box, and then type your Windows Live ID.

Tap the Password box, and then type your Windows Live password.

Tap Sign in.
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Online Billing System for Many SMEs & SMIs

Online Billing System for Many SMEs  & SMIs

Many SMEs in Malaysia failed to sustain their business for 3 years and above.

A business failed could come from several issue, however most of the business owner facing the two main issue below but yet to realize by most of the business owner:

-          Does not have a clear direction in their business.
-          Never put concern into the business cash flow.

Many businessman realized their cash flow problem  but yet to receive a proper business consultant and a good software that could help them.

A business should implement the computer system into their business management and operation process. This is always the same answer if you ask an IT expert.

Let me share with you how can an online billing system can solve your business cash flow problem. An online billing system allows a business owner to create and manage the invoice, payment note, debtors, and customer profile. Businessman will have total control over the billing transaction, and customer data.

An online billing system will help a boss/management to reduce the ongoing burden and they  are able to concentrate on their main function.  Eventually you’re a boss would be able to relax with the confidence that this job is being well taken care of by an online billing system.

In conservative  business processes, billing capability proves to be the main concern.  These Company would faced a lot of  issues and problems in their  billing.   Their procedures tend to be long, repetitive, time consuming and labour intensive but not cost effective.  The most common problems include  having to individually create quotation by word/excel, track its reference running number manually & etc, upon receipt of order, manual order confirmation and delivery orders. By the time actual billing could be done, there is a time lapse.  This would cost Companies lots of monies as payment date would be affected.  Also record/track  the unpaid bills manually.  All these billing works got to be done manually.  Most importantly, mistakes tend to arise more frequently due to human error and most times traceability is tedious.  Again these problems and issues are endless.

However, with a online billing system , most of your conservative  billing issues  would be resolved.  How?
-          Access anytime, anywhere
-          Track payment & Improve your cash flow
-          Details sales and payment receive report
-          One click invoice features
-          Permission access control
-          Intelligent search into previous records
-          Customize quotation & invoice layout
-          Automatically the running number

You can check the customer billing and your sales reports at anytime and anywhere. This would greatly improve work efficiency both ways, your staff knowing you have immediate access to the accounts. 

Most of the online billing system allow you to do have the data transferred to other accounting system such as UBS   without your Accountant having to RE-TYPE your invoice and payment note!
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Benefits / Advantages of Email Marketing

1.      Email Marketing Has a Wide Reach
Email marketing can reach a wide audience in a short period of time and allows recipients to immediately act on messages.
2.      Email Marketing Excels in Return-on-Investment
Email marketing is much more cost-effective than traditional direct mail marketing, banner ads or telemarketing where additional fees are incurred. Email marketing allows links to be embedded in messages, which drives website traffic.
3.      Email Marketing Can Be Highly Customized
Using a customer database, email marketing campaigns can be customized with specific customer data. Databases also allow targeted mailings to specific recipient groups, for example, by ZIP code, gender or income.
4.      Email Marketing Is Measurable
Email marketing and sales campaigns can be measured in detail through open-up, click-through and conversion rates to evaluate the success of campaigns. The data allows marketers to adjust strategies to improve future results.
5.      Reduce Overhead Costs
Email marketing can be done at a very low overhead cost! You don't need a ton of employees, designers, or marketing analysts. You don't need to pay for printing, postal mailing costs, phone lines, or advertising rates. An effective email marketing program only needs a great email marketing platform or service and a good marketer who knows how to put the right offers and the right copy and graphics in front of the right portion of your user or customer list. There is no marketing channel in which you'll spend less to get greater returns on your investment than email marketing.
6.      Reduced Time & Effort
Take a moment to think about the time and effort involved in structuring a direct-to-consumer or direct business-to-business campaign using one of the two most common offline direct marketing communications techniques:
a.       Print Postal Mailings: You'll need to allow time for a designer to create the mailing, typically through several lengthy revisions. Then you'll need to allow time for the print mailing to be printed, cut and, if necessary, stuffed into envelopes. There will be time while the marketing collateral is being transported via the postal system and then time while you wait for the consumer to retrieve it from the mail box.
b.      Telesales Campaigns: In addition to having to construct a telesales script, you'll have to wait the time out while your sales agents dial through cycled call attempts to all of the sales leads or customers on your target list.

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4 Key Advantages of SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing seems to be the new and most logical type of marketing for the society we live in many marketers do not seem to appreciate the rewards that I will be outlining within this article.

Advantage One: You can send one message to many people

Just think that at the touch of one button you can send a message to thousands of contacts instantly, whether it's a day offer or an urgent change in a meeting. Unlike sending Emails that take up to a week to read, a simple message sent by SMS can be read within 4 minutes of receipt. This type of marketing allows you to contact those customers that could be in a busy seminar, stuck in traffic or having a drink after work in a noisy bar.

Advantage Two: Response Rates are higher

As with any marketing the minute someone Opt-in to receive SMS messages from your company they are red-hot prospects, they are ready to buy the as soon as they receive the message, with open rates hitting 98% overall.

Advantage Three: SMS is a very personal form of communication

All the customers who have Opted-in for your SMS messages will use their personal number to which they receive messages from friends and family meaning that your messages will get the same time and attention. On the other hand your customers will soon become irritated by irrelevant or nagging messages as they would with their friends and family. You need to test and study the results so you can avoid violating the trust of your customers.

Advantage Four: SMS is very effective for local marketing

SMS marketing offers an amazing low cost way of contacting local residents for launch offers, sales or community news. For simple local business SMS is more effective the newspaper or radio adverts as it hits a wider audience faster especially if it is linked with Google Maps. Even if you are not a business you can make SMS marketing work just to promote garage sale.
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How to do SMS Blasting to 100000000000000 users in a single click?

  1. SMS Marketing is very affordable. We’re talking about pennies per message. A small business can get started for as little as 100 ringgits a month.
  2. We just said SMS marketing is affordable. But can you really get much out of 100 ringgits a month? Absolutely. Let’s look at a quick example. Say you’re the owner of a local restaurant and you’ve collected a list of opt-in phone numbers of your patrons (more about opt-ins below). Now you want to send a message to 100 of your customers offering a free appetizer with any entrĂ©e. You’ve spent 9.50 ringgits to accomplish all of this. Text message open rates are about 95% but let’s assume only 20 of those customers actually redeem that coupon. You’ve just drawn in 20 new reservations for 9.50 ringgits.
  3. Forget email spam filters, postage and drawing visitors into your website. When you send a text message campaign to your marketing list it arrives in seconds.
  4. We just said text messages are opened 95% of the time. Compare that to email that is opened, at best, 25% of the time.
  5. It’s To The PointA text message is limited to 160 characters. That means you need to say exactly what you need to say. Whatever you’re offering you get to the offer quickly. There’s a reason why over 95% of text messages are read and this is it.
  6. Forget direct mail which gets tossed in the garbage. A text message is digital which means it’s green. Your SMS Marketing campaigns will drive sales and save the environment too!
  7. 93 PERCENT of the US population has a cell phone *173.2 BILLION text messages are sent monthly *Over 97 PERCENT of those messages are read *Over 83 PERCENT  are read within an hour *Research shown the message send widely, how about you.
  8. Text message advertising has a response rate of over 30 PERCENT, that's nearly 6 times more than direct mail, paper ads and email, at fractions of the costs. **
  9. Text Messages Arrive within seconds.... Instantly!
  10. Insanely High Open Rate.
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