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4 Key Advantages of SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing seems to be the new and most logical type of marketing for the society we live in many marketers do not seem to appreciate the rewards that I will be outlining within this article.

Advantage One: You can send one message to many people

Just think that at the touch of one button you can send a message to thousands of contacts instantly, whether it's a day offer or an urgent change in a meeting. Unlike sending Emails that take up to a week to read, a simple message sent by SMS can be read within 4 minutes of receipt. This type of marketing allows you to contact those customers that could be in a busy seminar, stuck in traffic or having a drink after work in a noisy bar.

Advantage Two: Response Rates are higher

As with any marketing the minute someone Opt-in to receive SMS messages from your company they are red-hot prospects, they are ready to buy the as soon as they receive the message, with open rates hitting 98% overall.

Advantage Three: SMS is a very personal form of communication

All the customers who have Opted-in for your SMS messages will use their personal number to which they receive messages from friends and family meaning that your messages will get the same time and attention. On the other hand your customers will soon become irritated by irrelevant or nagging messages as they would with their friends and family. You need to test and study the results so you can avoid violating the trust of your customers.

Advantage Four: SMS is very effective for local marketing

SMS marketing offers an amazing low cost way of contacting local residents for launch offers, sales or community news. For simple local business SMS is more effective the newspaper or radio adverts as it hits a wider audience faster especially if it is linked with Google Maps. Even if you are not a business you can make SMS marketing work just to promote garage sale.
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