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Choose Your Ecommerce Platform!

There are a wide range of E-commerce platform and solution.

The first one is: you can install your E-commerce website on your own server. Such as Wordpress, Opencard. In this way you can modify and improve your website easily.

The second one is: If you don’t have e-commerce website as well as  cloudbase. What you can do is Put your product on other marketplaces.  What does that mean?  That means if you upload your product to his website, you won't get the source code for your website.  And if one day you don't use the their service, the product won't easy to move out.

Such as Taobao, Lazada. is know as a cloud base ecommerce platform and it is also known as a MARKETPLACE because marketplace serve with a lot of traffics. You don’t need to worry about internet marketing. So it’s a easier for a starter.

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