How Do Software Customization Cost?

Every company will be paid for its labor. So does our company. So how much does our company charge?

Generally speaking, we get the basic knowledge of what the customer needs and then calculate the price according to the time cost.

After understanding the customer's requirements, we will accurately locate your requirements. There are ready-made templates can be purchased at market. If the templates are meeting your needs, we will advise customers to buy a template for a small amount of money. Because it takes a lot of time and funds for customers and us to rebuild a new equipment. And a lot of testing needs to be done.

But if you need to rebuild a new software, how do we charge for it?

Let's say your software takes three people a month to complete. Firstly we estimate it at the cost of three workers. The company will then make further detailed offers.

But firstly we would stand in our customers' position, whether there are ready-made templates qualified, save time and effort ? If not, we will build a website for customers.
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