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Google Apps Mail -- Set up POP in mail clients

We offer instructions for configuring some clients not in our supported client list. If you encounter difficulties, we suggest contacting your mail client's customer support department -- we're unable to provide assistance for clients not in our supported POP client list.

 Mail Client Settings:
  1. Apple Mail
  2. Windows Mail
  3. Thunderbird
  4. Outlook 2007/2010
  5. Outlook 2003
  6. Outlook Express
  7. Other Windows Client Source “Set up POP in mail clients”

SmartPhone Settings:
  1. iPhone
  2. Android
  3. Blackberry

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Advantages of Email

On previewing the highly developed and sophisticated technicalities, definition of email can simply be stated as, 'a form of mail sent electronically'. The email was first used in 1965, facilitating the users over a computer network to communicate with each other. SDC's Q32 and MIT's CTSS were the first computer systems to use the email for communication. In 1966, this mailing service was introduced to common users.

The abbreviated form of electronic mail is 'email'. It is a system used for creating, sending and storing textual data in the digital form over a network. Earlier, the email system was based on the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) mechanism, a protocol used for sending emails from one server to another. Today's email technology uses the store-and-forward model. In this model, the user sends and receives information on their own computer terminal. However, the computer is used only for connecting to the email architecture. The creation, transmission and storage of email takes place only when the connection with this email architecture is established.

Email is one of the many technological developments to have influenced our lives. It has changed the medium of communication. So, it becomes necessary for us to look at the benefits and problems from this popular mailing tool.

Advantages of Email
There are numerous benefits of using an email service. These benefits are compiled in an easy-to-understand manner for the readers.
  • Easy to use: Sending an email frees us from the tedious task of managing data for daily use. It helps us manage our contacts, send mails quickly, maintain our mail history, store the required information, etc.
  • Speed: An email is delivered instantly and anywhere across the globe. No other service matches the email in terms of speed. You can send the same message/mail to multiple users simultaneously; thus, a lot of time is saved.
  • Easy to prioritize: Since emails come with a subject line, it is easy to prioritize them and ignore the ones that are unwanted.
  • Reliable and secure: Constant efforts are taken to improve the security in electronic mails. It makes the email one of the secured ways of communication.
  • Informal and conversational: The language used in emails is generally simple and thus, makes the process of communication informal. Sending and receiving emails takes less time, so it can be used as a tool for interaction.
  • Easier for reference: When a person has to reply to a mail, he/she can use the provision of attaching previous mails as references. It helps refresh the recipient's know-how on what he is reading.
  • Automated emails: It is possible to send automated emails using special programs like the autoresponders. The autoresponders reply only to those messages with a generalized, pre-written text.
  • Environment friendly: Postal mails use paper as a medium to send letters. Electronic mail therefore, prevents a large number of trees from getting axed. It also saves the fuel needed for transportation.
  • Use of graphics: Colorful greeting cards and interesting pictures can be sent through emails. It adds value to the email service.
  • Advertising tool: Nowadays, many individuals and companies are using the email service to advertise their products, services, etc.
  • Cheap Service: The expenses incurred in using an email service are less. However, it also depends on whether you have an Internet connection at home.
  • Data Storage: The providers of email service offer enough space for data storage. Also, the process of sorting and arranging mails as per the subject, date, etc. is made quite easy for users.
  • Provision of Attachments: The feature of attachments allow users to send huge chunks of data in the same mail. Also, sending attachments doesn't raise the cost as in the postal service.
Source: [buzzle.com]
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Difference between Web Portal and Websites

Some people always telling us Google is a website, Alibaba is a website. But it's not a right explanation.

“Web portal is a vehicle by which a user gains an access of driving broad array of resources, while a website is a destination in itself”
A web portal and website have a strong linkage between each other, where it relay on each other to grow. Website represents an organization to outside world, but a portal provides multiple user roles with a common access point.
A website is also a portal! If it broadcast information from different independent resources, thus offering a public service function to visitors.

Web Portal
It refers to a website or service that offers broad array of resources and services such as email, forums, search engines and online shopping malls. It’s an organized gateway that helps to configure the access to information found on the Internet. Web portal application offers consistent look and feel with access control into multiple applications and databases. Some of the web portals are, AOL, iGoogle, Yahoo and even more.

A website refers to a location on the internet and a collection of web pages, images, videos which are addressed relative to a common URL. It’s nothing but a domain name hosted on a server which is accessible via Internet. Owing a website becomes an essential part for any businesses and company with no web presence is just running the risk of losing the business opportunities.
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[GRAB your RM300 Google Adwords Voucher before Mr.G Say “STOP!”]

Promotion valid from 1st of July – 31st August, 2012 (Merdeka!)
With Google AdWords, you have the power to reach your potential customers at the exact moment when they search for the products or services that you are offering. Therefore, Operion is partnering with Locus-T, the first and only home-grown Google Adwords Certified Partner in Malaysia, to offer you One (1) Month FREE Advertisement in Google Search and Display Networks when you subscribe Operion Services with the following coupon packages:
Click the link below for more information:
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FREE Google AdWords Advertising When Sign Up with Operion

Promotion valid from 1st of July – 31st August, 2012 (Merdeka!)
With Google AdWords, you have the power to reach your potential customers at the exact moment when they search for the products or services that you are offering. Therefore, Operion is partnering with Locus-T, the first and only home-grown Google Adwords Certified Partner in Malaysia, to offer you One (1) Month FREE Advertisement in Google Search and Display Networks when you subscribe Operion Services with the following coupon packages:
FREE RM 99 Advertising Coupon when sign up
Operion CMS with Ready-Made Theme Design (click for details)
FREE RM200 Advertising Coupon when sign up
Operion CMS with Professional Custom-Made Design (click for details)
FREE RM300 Advertising Coupon when sign up
Operion CMS with E-commerce Marketing Solution System (click for details) - OR -
Website VIP Managed Services (We maintain your website) -OR-
Three years of MYNIC Doman name
Redeem Your Free Advertising Voucher in 3 Easy Steps
Sign Up for Operion services
Just tell Operion you want to participate with Operion Website Marketing Campaign.
We'll contact you with your free voucher
A Google AdWords representative will call you in 3-5 working days to set up your Google Advertising and apply your free credit. It's quick and easy!
Start running your ads on Google
Show your ads on Google immediately and attract new customers
Hurry, redeem your offer today! Contact us to sign up or for more info
Benefits of Google Adwords
Google AdWords aims to provide the most effective advertising available for businesses of any size. We pledge to help you meet your customer acquisition needs by enabling you to:
  • Commit big market place - 8 million daily hits in Malaysia or 1.6 billion global Internet population.
  • Longer lasting advertising impact - Your ads is live 24/7 and you have full control when the put up the ads and when to stop it.
  • Customers come to you with needs and at the right time - 83% of digital lifestyle consumers use the Internet during the purchasing process. Google AdWords brings ¡°right time demand¡± to you.
  • Better ROI and more cost effective compared to other advertising media - You only pay RM0.50 to RM1 for every prospect we bring to you.
  • More effective advertising tool as you can monitor and evaluate the effectiveness and impact of the campaign with detailed campaign performance report - This report enables you to calculate how much the cost per success customer. No other advertising media allows you to have such effective measurement.

AdWords gives you 24/7 access to detailed performance reports that help you track the effectiveness of your ad campaigns.

What is Goolge AdWords

AdWords enables you to create online advertisements and show them on Google and across a huge network of partner websites. Advertising with AdWords allows you to reach new customers at the precise moment when they are searching for your type of products and services. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad (you don't pay for ads impression), and you control how much you spend on each click, your daily budget, and where your ads appear. AdWords accounts also include graphs and performance data so you can track what's working and edit your ads accordingly.

How Google AdWords Works
AdWords puts you in complete control of your spending. There's no minimum spending requirement - the amount you pay for AdWords is up to you.
You control your costs in several ways:
You create your ads
You create ads and pick words or phrases (called keywords) that are related to your business. You then use these keywords to create ads that target your potential customers when they search for your products or services on Google.
Your ads appear on Google
When people search on Google using the same or similar keywords; your Google AdWords ad can appear alongside or above the search results as a "Sponsored Link". Now you're advertising to an audience that's already interested in what your business offers.
You attract customers
People can simply click your ad to make a purchase, browse your website, or learn more about your business. You don't even need a webpage to get started ¨C Google will help you create one for free.
How Google AdWords Charge
AdWords puts you in complete control of your spending. There's no minimum spending requirement - the amount you pay for AdWords is up to you.
You control your costs in several ways:
Daily budget
The budget you set is entirely up to you. Your daily budget should be the amount you're comfortable spending on that specific campaign each day. The daily budget determines how often your ads show throughout the day. If your daily budget is low, your ad won't appear every time it is searched for.
The most common bidding option is Cost-per-click (CPC). CPC bids determine the amount you're willing to pay for each time someone clicks on your ad when it shows on Google or one of our partner sites. In general, a higher CPC bid can allow your ad to show at a higher position on the page.
Ad quality
Quality is the most important factor in determining the amount you'll pay when someone clicks your keyword-targeted ad. The higher your Quality Score, the less you pay for a given ad position, and vice versa.
Terms & Conditions
1. The FREE Google Voucher only applicable to NEW Google AdWords account.
2. The FREE Google Voucher only offered to Operion clients.
3. Each Operion client only entitle to get one (1) Google AdWords voucher valued RM99 or RM200 or RM300.
4. After completion of one (1) month FREE Trial period, the clients have absolute right to decide either to continue or to discontinue the Google AdWords Services.
5. If the clients intends to continue the Google AdWords services after completion of one (1) month FREE Trial period, the account will be managed by Locus-T's MY-Client-Centre (MCC) account.
6. The voucher and its value is not transferrable nor exchange for cash.
7. The usage of the FREE Google AdWords is bind under the terms and conditions of Google AdWords at https://adwords.google.com/select/tsandcsfinder?country=MY.
8. Operion reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions without prior notice.
[GRAB your RM300 Google Adwords Voucher before Mr.G Say “STOP!”]
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Google AdWords Free Advertising Give Out

Google AdWords is Google’s advertising program, and it is a quick and easy to use that allows you to purchase ads cost per click (CPC) that are correctly oriented, regardless of your budget. With this method, the advertiser only pays when a customer clicks on the ad, beyond the amount of times it appears on the Google website.

How to claim your Google Adwords credit? Click link below:
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What is Cloud Computing? Operion is Cloud?

How Cloud Computing Works 

You may have heard the term cloud computing or ‘the Cloud,’ but could you describe what it is? There are so many definitions flying around that you wouldn’t be alone if you struggled to define it. Cloud computing is simply a set of pooled computing resources and services delivered over the web. When you diagram the relationships between all the elements it resembles a cloud.

Cloud computing—not to be confused with grid computing, utility computing, or autonomic computing—involves the interaction of several virtualized resources. Cloud Servers™ connect and share information based on the level of website traffic across the entire network. Cloud computing is often provided “as a service” over the Internet, typically in the form of infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), or software as a service (SaaS).
Cloud computing customers don’t have to raise the capital to purchase, manage, maintain, and scale the physical infrastructure required to handle drastic traffic fluctuations. Instead of having to invest time and money to keep their sites afloat, cloud computing customers simply pay for the resources they use, as they use them. This particular characteristic of cloud computing—its elasticity—means that customers no longer need to predict traffic, but can promote their sites aggressively and spontaneously. Engineering for peak traffic becomes a thing of the past.

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Google Analytics – Track your visitors behaviour

Google Analytics
Enterprise-class web analytics made smarter, friendlier and free.
Google Analytics is the enterprise-class web analytics solution that gives you rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. Powerful, flexible and easy-to-use features now let you see and analyze your traffic data in an entirely new way. With Google Analytics, you’re more prepared to write better-targeted ads, strengthen your marketing initiatives and create higher converting websites.
Click here To your Google Analytics using your gmail account.
Click here
To learn more about Google Analytics features and functionality.
Should you need any further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our support team.
Google Analytics Features
Source: [Google Analytics]
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Gmail Apps Storage Increase

The Google Apps Email Storage!

Gmail offers 10 GB of free storage for your messages and attachments, and we're adding more space as fast as we can. Your storage use is based on the size of all of the messages and attachments in your mail, including those in Spam and Trash. You can check how much space you're using and your storage limit at the bottom of any Gmail page.
If you approach your storage limit, the quota indicator will change from green to red. If you go over your limit, incoming messages to your account will be returned to the sender.
If you've hit your limit and need to clear space, you'll need to move messages to Trash and permanently delete them from there.
To find messages that are larger in size due to attachments, try using advanced search operators such as has:attachment or filename:mov.
To move a message to Trash: To permanently delete a specific message: To permanently delete all of the messages in your Trash at once: Messages left in Trash for 30 days will be permanently deleted automatically. Messages that are permanently deleted, manually or automatically, cannot be recovered.

Source: http://support.google.com/mail/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=6558
Source: http://daggle.com/pondering-email-conservation-hitting-gmails-storage-limit-1395
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