Useful SEO Studies of the Day

In this studies, you should now do some study on your current website to redefine your targeted keywords, website content. Content marketing is a new form of marketing strategy but it's a myths in many online business owner.

Google Penguin 2013: How to Evolve Link Building into Real SEO

Google has just rolled out Penguin 2.0, a large algorithmic update promising to go “deeper” than the 2012 Penguin release, which put a hurting on websites with number of manipulative links in their profile.
This prospect creates fear for many small businesses who depend on search engine optimization (SEO) for their livelihoods. But there is also a sense of confusion as the line often shifts and the message from Google contradictory.

The Do’s & Don’ts of SEO 2013

With search engine optimization continuing to be a large part of online marketing, you need to make sure that you’re making the right adjustments to optimize your site. There are many people who think they are doing everything right, but are actually making fundamental mistakes. Here are 5 Do’s and Don’ts that you need to be aware of going into 2013. - See more at:

SEO 2013: 20 Most Important Contributions To Content Marketing Strategies

Google’s Penguin called it quits for some SEOs. Over-optimized websites with unnatural link structures and keyword stuffing got punished. New strategies had to be developed. Content marketing became the next big thing – a strategy I would have thought that was patently obvious. High-grade content, be it articles, videos, podcasts or infographics, proves to be the solution. Content like this needs no unnatural link support, instead builds backlinks automatically – because of the quality of it.

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Mobile SMS System User Guide

Nowadays, there are various types of marketing tools available for attracting with the target audience. These marketing tools are important as it may help those companies to work out their marketing plan and build company brand awareness to enhance the profitability. Among all these marketing tools, Mobile SMS System is the most lower expenses with a high return rate of investment.    

According to the survey of Informa report, in 2012 there are 17.6 billion SMS were sent per day. The power of SMS awakened those businesses, they look at this potential to get their business information and message across overall the Malaysia to get to their target audience. Therefore, Informa also has projected that in future 2014, 21 billion SMS will be sent per day. 

What you know about Mobile SMS System ?
Mobile SMS system is a set of guidelines and standards that give the recommended format of advertisement, presentation, and metrics used in reporting. Those businesses use Mobile SMS as their marketing tool to spread out the promotion news and events. It is affordable to all businesses as it is low as RM0.070 / SMS if you choose Operion Mobile SMS System.

How to fully use the Mobile SMS System ?
When the company is creating an event or having promotion deal. Do you think before how to spread out these news and promotion to your target audience in order to let the project be more successful?

Scenario A
Yes, we can spread out the news by advertising in a newspaper, flyer or magazine.   
[ Issue : It may require a high expenses if choosing those marketing tools to spread out the news. Some of the small businesses may not affordable.]

Scenario B
What if using social networking ? Such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and others. It is totally free of charge.
[ Issue: Yes, it is zero expenses. Yet, will it successfully send the message to your target audience ? Will they always be in online situation and check your company website or pages ?]

After reading through the Scenario A & B what do you think? Do you think before choosing Mobile SMS System as the marketing tools ? Why ? Let’s go into more details ~

The reasons businesses should look at Mobile SMS System Marketing

1)      Reachability 
The messages can be reach to target audience wherever they are. Do not need to be by a TV, radio, flyer, banner, or newspaper. People are holding their mobile phone to everywhere and check their message box anytime.

2)      Affordability
The cost of using Mobile SMS lower compared to other marketing tools. It does not need paid for postage, printing or air time. What it needs is just a nominal per text message fee. Besides, the prices are modest as the volume increases, the price will decrease. 

3)      More Responsive
There are 30,379,000 of Malaysia population has a cell phone. Over than 97% of those messages are read and 83% of them are read within an hour. The higher of response rates is due to the relatively unobtrusive way of communicating. As a text message does not cause any major distractions and can be read in a few seconds, people are more likely to read and react to the text message.

4)      Personal & Targeted
The different product promotion or event messages can be sent out according to the different categories. Content is targeted to individuals who have opted to receive it. This may let the customer feel get the priority treatment.

5)      Go Green
The text message is digital which means it is green. This SMS Marketing campaign will drive sales and save the environment, there is no waste of paper.

6)      High Return on Investment
Using the Mobile SMS System will cost business as little as RM0.070/SMS, a lot cheaper than printing packaging and postage costs of using other marketing tools. Therefore, with the lower rate of expenses, you may get a great return on the marketing investment.

Features of Operion Mobile SMS System

1)      Web Based Messaging Platform
The web based platform of Operion using for the Mobile SMS System is allows the user to access a variety of features such as create campaigns, manage the schedule, check the credit balance and view the sending history.

2)      User friendly
The Mobile SMS System is user friendly and easy to manage as the main purpose of Operion creating this system is to be convenient. The user just require to create a campaign, typing in the message, select the list, set the timing and send off the message to the list. The user can manage and use it anytime, anywhere with a single login. Besides, the system also includes an auto sending birthday greeting system. The user can manage the setting with a click to automate the system sending out birthday greetings to their clients and customers.   

3)      No time limits
The SMS credits will never be expired. The Operion SMS System credits are no time limits and expired date. The users can buy an amount of  SMS credit without worries with this issue.

4)      Notification and reporting provided
The Mobile SMS System also provides the notification function which to inform the user of the campaign start and end. Other than that, it also includes the report of details credit transaction, campaign report, fault and error number reports. With these reports, the user can stay up to date with the information and clean up those unusable or non-valid contact number. There is only valid message sent will be charged to the credit, it may help users to reduce the unnecessary cost incurred. 
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Taking The Help Of A Web Based Billing System

Imagine all your business processes done as far as your billing and accounting department is concerned; at a fraction of the cost. If you could outsource your accounting and billing operations to a reliable and reputable firm and enjoy seamless and smooth services then it would be an extremely wise business decision and here is exactly where opting for a web base billing system comes in. Most firms that deal with such web-based billing systems offer plenty of features and benefits.

What are the benefits of a web based billing system?
There is quite a wide range of benefits the business organization can enjoy when it scouts for an online or a web based billing system. Some of them are:
·         Flexibility of the service which can scale up as the customer base grows
·         Immediacy and up-to-date information which means that a customer can get billing information even somewhere in the middle of his billing cycle, if he so chooses
·         Control of the billing process is possible from almost any location. All an individual needs is to have access to a laptop and Internet access
·         Capable of delivering a high degree of data visualization and data customization as well

The features of a web based billing system

One of the easiest things that you can do when you are searching for a reliable and comprehensive billing system for your business organization, is to go through the websites of different firms that deal with this particular product. This will also give you a pretty good idea of the kind of features that they offer and the costs of the same.

Getting the highest possible value for your money is a good idea indeed when it comes to the choice of an online billing system. Most companies do have flexible packages or editions of such billing systems and depending on the kind of features that you want, you could either opt for a normal or standard version or go in for a full featured, premium version.

Enhanced user interface

With the help of a web-based billing system, you as a business organization owner can program the system in such a way that the user facing interface allows your customers to login and enjoy the granular visibility and details as far as their bills are concerned. Such user interface also means that a customer can also use your web based billing system to make his payments online and in time.

Cross platform capabilities

A web-based billing system should also be capable of being accessed and operated and even controlled through different types of platforms such as Windows, Linux and so on. This would mean that you can enjoy all the features of such billing system regardless of the platform that your organization’s computers and network uses.


A web based billing system will be successful only if it promises completely failsafe security. This means that unauthorized personnel and even hackers should not be able to get into your network and access personal information of your customers and, even worse, credit card details that they may use while making the payments.

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Online Billing – The Different Benefits

Some of the things that modern technology, including the Internet, has given us are:
·         Ability to conduct financial transactions from the convenience of one’s home without visiting the bank
·         Being able to shop for almost any product and any service online
·         Capacity to extend business reach into all parts of the globe
·         Enhanced capability to manage customer relations including billing, email marketing, grievance redress and so on

Probably one of the biggest benefits that a business organization can enjoy is the ability to keep in touch with the customer wherever he may be. Now this applies to both - the customer’s location and the business’s location as well. No longer is it necessary for an individual to work by being bound to a desk and chair.

One such service that a business organization can deliver is online billing which entails the management of almost all his billing transactions including VAT invoices through his website. There are plenty of organizations or firms that deliver top-quality online billing services to meet the many requirements that a business owner has.

Why go in for an online billing system?

Considering the fact that there are different kinds of service providers who can deliver top-quality, secure and reliable online billing systems, it makes a lot of sense for business organizations to avail the same and enjoy a range of benefits.


Given the advent of technologies such as the Internet and even cloud computing, it becomes extremely easy for a business organization to access all the details of a customer as far as billing is concerned. For instance, all a business owner needs is a personal computer or even a smart phone and Internet access.

With this combination, he can see details pertaining to the various services that have been offered to the client and that need to be billed. This accessibility means that a business organization can remain up-to-date and accurate and serve the customer in a better and timelier manner.

Data visualization

Online billing also gives the business owner the ability to manage data better. This management capability also translates into the various forms of data visualization. Thus, charts and graphs that are extremely easy to understand can be generated with the help of online billing software.

There is no need to go through a big collection of papers or hard copies to see exactly how much a customer has been billed so far or the billing patterns in the past few months. Online billing also helps in better data analysis and this information can be used in several ways by the business organization and the customer himself.

Savings in many ways

Online billing helps a business organization save mightily across many aspects. Some of these aspects are:
·         Storage space
·         Paper consumption
·         Accounting personnel
·         Time spent in generating paper bills and mailing the same
·         Reducing carbon footprint which is always a good thing at the micro and macro level!


Most leading online billing companies deliver remarkable degrees of security to the business organization. When a business organization trusts such a company with his billing mechanism information, he can rest assured that even if his local computers were to crash, the data pertaining to customer data and billing will still remain safe.
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Billing Management System – Uses And Benefits

When it comes to managing all the critical areas of billing and invoicing, many a business organization will turn to the best options and service providers they can find. There is little doubt of the fact that such services or options should make complete sense to the business organization. Solutions for business billing management systems should thus deliver:

·         Value for money
·         Flexibility in managing an ever increasing customer base
·         Security and confidentiality of data
·         Data visualization and analytics
·         Customization so that each individual customer knows that his bills cannot get mixed up with someone else’s
·         Interactivity, which will enable the customer to login to the website and check out his bill details, give feedback to the business organization where necessary and for which the organization can reply accordingly

There are plenty of options when it comes to billing management systems. Selecting from such options can be done after careful analysis of the features of the system and benefits that it provides.

Features of the billing management system

Depending on the capabilities of the billing management system, it can encompass critical areas such as inventory management, service utilization, data reports, great user-friendly interface, ability to meet global software standards and a high degree of customization of flexibility. All this will go into making the billing management system smart and capable of being easily controlled by its user.

Depending on the industry or service sector, such billing management systems can also be customized as per client requirements. For instance, a practicing attorney will have very different requirements from a billing management system than a cellular service provider. For an attorney, it would be all about time and billing, whereas a cellular service provider will have to take care of details such as local calls, international calls and even specific services that a client has activated on his mobile phone or cell phone.

Benefits of billing management systems

While there may be plenty of options as far as billing management systems go, one of the latest trends in this domain is the use of cloud computing which can deliver effective web based billing systems. Such a billing management system can have plenty of benefits for a business organization.

Flexible pricing

A business organization does not have to invest in a full-scale billing management system and personnel to run it. By opting for a cloud-based billing management system, for instance, an organization can pay only for the resources that it uses. And scaling up of the services can be done only when it is required. Using cloud-based or web-based billing management systems also means that an organization can create different types of pricing models and even policies which will govern its billing framework.


By opting for billing management systems, a large-scale enterprise can enjoy automation of this process. This means that an organization does not have to worry about sending bills on time and monitoring all the details that go into generating this bill. All these processes can happen automatically and in fact, a billing management system can also come with multi currency support to make it even more sophisticated. 
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Why partner with Operion?

Operion is trusted and reliable web marketing consultant 
and our strengths as below:

  • We have been 18 years in IT industry since 1995 and 6 years in Web Marketing since 2007.
  • Experience in servicing for more than 50 different business sectors.
  • Operion system is “MALAYSIA First Web Marketing System”!
  • We are highly responsible attitude towards our profession.
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