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Mobile SMS System User Guide

Nowadays, there are various types of marketing tools available for attracting with the target audience. These marketing tools are important as it may help those companies to work out their marketing plan and build company brand awareness to enhance the profitability. Among all these marketing tools, Mobile SMS System is the most lower expenses with a high return rate of investment.    

According to the survey of Informa report, in 2012 there are 17.6 billion SMS were sent per day. The power of SMS awakened those businesses, they look at this potential to get their business information and message across overall the Malaysia to get to their target audience. Therefore, Informa also has projected that in future 2014, 21 billion SMS will be sent per day. 

What you know about Mobile SMS System ?
Mobile SMS system is a set of guidelines and standards that give the recommended format of advertisement, presentation, and metrics used in reporting. Those businesses use Mobile SMS as their marketing tool to spread out the promotion news and events. It is affordable to all businesses as it is low as RM0.070 / SMS if you choose Operion Mobile SMS System.

How to fully use the Mobile SMS System ?
When the company is creating an event or having promotion deal. Do you think before how to spread out these news and promotion to your target audience in order to let the project be more successful?

Scenario A
Yes, we can spread out the news by advertising in a newspaper, flyer or magazine.   
[ Issue : It may require a high expenses if choosing those marketing tools to spread out the news. Some of the small businesses may not affordable.]

Scenario B
What if using social networking ? Such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and others. It is totally free of charge.
[ Issue: Yes, it is zero expenses. Yet, will it successfully send the message to your target audience ? Will they always be in online situation and check your company website or pages ?]

After reading through the Scenario A & B what do you think? Do you think before choosing Mobile SMS System as the marketing tools ? Why ? Let’s go into more details ~

The reasons businesses should look at Mobile SMS System Marketing

1)      Reachability 
The messages can be reach to target audience wherever they are. Do not need to be by a TV, radio, flyer, banner, or newspaper. People are holding their mobile phone to everywhere and check their message box anytime.

2)      Affordability
The cost of using Mobile SMS lower compared to other marketing tools. It does not need paid for postage, printing or air time. What it needs is just a nominal per text message fee. Besides, the prices are modest as the volume increases, the price will decrease. 

3)      More Responsive
There are 30,379,000 of Malaysia population has a cell phone. Over than 97% of those messages are read and 83% of them are read within an hour. The higher of response rates is due to the relatively unobtrusive way of communicating. As a text message does not cause any major distractions and can be read in a few seconds, people are more likely to read and react to the text message.

4)      Personal & Targeted
The different product promotion or event messages can be sent out according to the different categories. Content is targeted to individuals who have opted to receive it. This may let the customer feel get the priority treatment.

5)      Go Green
The text message is digital which means it is green. This SMS Marketing campaign will drive sales and save the environment, there is no waste of paper.

6)      High Return on Investment
Using the Mobile SMS System will cost business as little as RM0.070/SMS, a lot cheaper than printing packaging and postage costs of using other marketing tools. Therefore, with the lower rate of expenses, you may get a great return on the marketing investment.

Features of Operion Mobile SMS System

1)      Web Based Messaging Platform
The web based platform of Operion using for the Mobile SMS System is allows the user to access a variety of features such as create campaigns, manage the schedule, check the credit balance and view the sending history.

2)      User friendly
The Mobile SMS System is user friendly and easy to manage as the main purpose of Operion creating this system is to be convenient. The user just require to create a campaign, typing in the message, select the list, set the timing and send off the message to the list. The user can manage and use it anytime, anywhere with a single login. Besides, the system also includes an auto sending birthday greeting system. The user can manage the setting with a click to automate the system sending out birthday greetings to their clients and customers.   

3)      No time limits
The SMS credits will never be expired. The Operion SMS System credits are no time limits and expired date. The users can buy an amount of  SMS credit without worries with this issue.

4)      Notification and reporting provided
The Mobile SMS System also provides the notification function which to inform the user of the campaign start and end. Other than that, it also includes the report of details credit transaction, campaign report, fault and error number reports. With these reports, the user can stay up to date with the information and clean up those unusable or non-valid contact number. There is only valid message sent will be charged to the credit, it may help users to reduce the unnecessary cost incurred. 


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