Which countries have high e-commerce fraud rates?

Sift Science, a fraud fighter service provider, has compiled a list of top 25 most fraudulent countries based on its sampling of online transaction data.

You can grab a quick look at the world map below, in which darker red means, wellred alert.

So here it is, the top 25 most fraudulent countries (read: reported IP address as the country of origin) in the world. Guess what? There are 4 Southeast Asia countries listed led by Malaysia at 7th, Philippines at 10th, Indonesia at 14th and followed by Singapore at 16th.

1. Latvia
  2. Egypt
  3. United States
  4. Mexico
  5. Ukraine
  6. Hungary
  7. Malaysia
  8. Colombia
  9. Romania
10. Philippines
11. Greece
12. Brazil
13. China
14. Indonesia
15. Russia
16. Singapore
17. Nigeria
18. Canada
19. Portugal
20. Switzerland
21. United Kingdom
22. India
23. Netherlands
24. France
25. Austria

What are the general behavior of fraudsters?

It is surprisingly easy to acquire stolen credit cards so how do we identify the behavior of e-commerce fraudsters?

Sift Science provides 5 fun fraud facts (well, fraud is not really fun you know) to detect fraud signals as below:

Fraudsters have stacks on stacks of cards. If the customer has multiple credit cards on file from different banks, their order is 7x more likely fraudulent.

    Fraudsters dislike capital letters. if a customer wrote their billing name in all lowercase letters, the order is 2.7x more suspicious.

      Fraudsters stay (virtually) on the move. A buyer with multiple billing zip codes within a week is 30x more likely to be fraudulent.

        Fraudsters favor disposable email addresses. An email address with two or more digits is twice as likely to be fraud than one with zero or one digit.

          Fraudsters are night owls. Transactions at 2AM are 50% more likely fraudulent, while 4AM transactions are 100% more likely fraudulent.

            How to prevent e-commerce credit card frauds?

            E-commerce theft in action

            As an online merchant, you wouldn't want to imagine getting a fraud order in which you will lose the (expensive) item that you ship out without getting payment, not to mention getting a chargeback fee.

            Besides the characteristics mentioned above, we would like to share 7 layman, not-so-technical, easy to understand tips on how to minimize the risk of credit card frauds for online merchants.

            1. If you are just going to start selling online, choose a webstore that provides fraud alert system. As for online marketplaces, the established ones usually have pretty good fraud prevention measures in place.
            2. Engage with the right payment gateway or processor, work with them on negative list, maximum transaction allowed per order etc. especially if your volume (and risk) is getting higher.
            3. Liaise with your payment gateway to accept only 3-D Secure (a.k.a One Time Password) enabled credit card. You might also want to block foreign cards with potential high risk.
            4. Always be extra cautious on big ticker orders, especially if the billing and shipping name / address is different. Call customers to verify when you are in doubt.
            5. For big ticket orders, pay attention on the shipping address whether it is a public area like restaurant where fraudsters are not attached to, just bear in mind that their fraud skills is always evolving.
            6. Make sure the delivery service you engage with (or if you are shipping it on your own) verify the customer's identification card and get the delivery order signed by the customer.
            7. In most cases, it is your staff rather than you who fulfill the orders so you need to educate your staff on all the measures above to minimize the fraud risk.

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            Conference - Understand The Change in Media Landscape

            Conference Venue: Cititel Penang, 27th November 2013 (Wednesday)

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            Operion Billing Overview

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            By dividing into 3 management systems: financial management system, sales management system, purchase management system, Operion Billing captures your complete business operation information and provides accurate information of your business at any time.

            As conclusion, all captured information will be undergone a precise processing core logic to generate the accurate final report.

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            Operion Billing Ideal for Business

            Ideal For Business: Financial Management, Sales Management, Purchase Management
            More information: http://www.operion.com.my/online_billing.html
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            SEO Strategy Outline

            Onsite SEO Strategy

            Onsite SEO is the process of making your website attractive  to search engines by letting them know what your website or page is about. The Goal  is to let the search engines know what phrase is most related to your website  by making it the most prominent phrase on the page.

            Keyword Density SEO Strategy  

            If you ask 10 SEO experts you will get 10 different answers,  much of which is very conflicting, about the ideal keyword density for SEO  purposes. Some say that you can go up to a density of as much as 8%. This means  that your keyword or keyword phrase appears 8 times out of every 100 words on  your page. You have to remember that your content needs to be readable when  reading the content if it seems like the phrase is over used , then you’re  likely to have points deducted. I would recommend that you make enough content  on the target page so that you can get your phrase in many times without exceeding  5%.

            Proper H1,H2,H3 Tags

            H – Tags are in reference to heading positions. An example  of this is looking at this page the very first Title is an H1 tag, Onsite and  Offsite are H2 tags, all subsequent titles are h2 Tags. I am writing this to  help our clients not to out rank any other articles on Google – but just for example  purposes you can see the word SEO  Strategy in the H1, H2, and h2 Tags.

            Bold Text

            By Bolding and Linking phrases you are going for it further enforces  the phrase you are going for. The search engines look at the weight of a word  or phrase. Bolding, Linking, making larger text, a different color, anything  you can do to make the phrase stand out will be helpful as long as it is not  over done.

            Internal Linking

            Internal linking refers to linking within your website or web  store. For example I will make a link to this article on our website http://zencartcodeanddesign.com with  the anchor text SEO Strategy. A good  example of this on websites that sell product would be to utilize the advanced  cross sell mod for Zen Cart. You can put in related products and the title of  the product will link to the product. This will greatly help your individual  products rank for the title of the products.

            External Linking

            In our case we are related to http://www.zen-cart.com by linking to them  it helps let the search engines know that we are at least somewhat related. Getting  this balance right is important due to the way page rank works. See Page Rank  on the next point.

            Page Rank (PR)

            Page rank is one of hundreds of factors of how Google ranks  your website. Every time you get a do-follow link to your website you get a  little of that pages page rank. This is why it is so very important to get  links pointing to your website, and not too many links pointing out. Preferably  links for pages with high page rank. 1 link for a PR 5 website would be worth  thousands of links from a PR 0 website. Finding good high page rank sites to  get links from is quite difficult – this is why many people set up link wheels  (more on that later)

            Link Bate

            By Having good content for example this article I would be  willing to bet that some people after finding this article will link to it simply  because it is good content that can help their views. Also tools, calculators,  101 lists, anything that is good genuine content that is interesting enough for  people to naturally link to it.  

            Offsite SEO Strategy / Link Building

            Offsite SEO generally refers to link building an extremely important  part of rankings. Ideally you need tens of thousands of links pointing to your  website from all over the internet. Not all links are equal see Page rank above.   I already touched on this above but will  revisit it how it relates to link building. When you are getting links to your  site it is important to use anchor text for the keywords / phrases you are  going for. I would link to this article from blogs, forums, Articles, websites ext.  with the anchor text SEO Strategy. Although you don’t want all your anchor text  to be the same it will look like spam to search engines. You will in some cases  just link to it directly http:// examplesite.com other times you would want to  link to it with other anchor text for exampleOffsite SEOLink Building Strategy.

            Article Writing

            This one is fairly straight forward. Write an article about  600 words, a good sized article. In the article you are going to want to inform  people with what you know, be an expert, provide resources. After writing the  article you can submit it to ezinearticles.com, some seo experts will spin the  article with article spinning software then submit it hundreds of times to  hundreds of article sites. This can give you 300 links per article that only  contains 3 links each.


            Search the internet for blogs related to your subject, you  can add information to a blog post, or otherwise participate in the discussion  getting links back to your site. Add interesting content and look genuinely  interested in adding to the subject, otherwise the moderator will not approve  your posting.

            Link Wheel

            Register 10 or 20 domain names install a wordpress blog on  each one of them, you can even set up several blogs per domain by using  subdomains. You can write posts with links back to your site, then get links to  each of the blogs. Say you get a thousand links to each one of the blog posts  it will bump up the page rank of the blog then you can pass that page rank to  your website. This is helpful when getting links form non related places. You  do not want to get links to your website from non related places it will  confuse the search engines and de-rank you. For your blogs you can get links  from any old place without worrying how it might affect  you sites ranking, the more links the better  to bump up your page rank. Then when you link to your website it will be from  good page rank and relevance

            Trade Links

            Contact people in your industry, non-competitors but  related. Ask them if they can link to you as a resource and you can link back  to them as a good resource.

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            Operion Dealer Program; Let your network work for you !

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            MOLPay Payment Gateway

            MOLPay is the first multi-currency payment gateway in Southeast Asia that accepts cash payments for online purchases, through physical outlets such as convenience stores and bookstores. It is simple to setup on any e-commerce store while providing convenience and security for online buyers to purchase online.

            MOLPay offers a wide range of e-commerce payment solutions - from online payment acceptance and processing to fraud management to payment security. MOLPay processes more than MYR1 billion transactions a year ...

            MOLPay QRCode Payment
            New mobile shopping initiative that allows
            customers to point and purchase using QR Codes via
            smartphones or tablets.

            Accept Online Visa & MasterCard Credit Card Payments
            Credit cards are the most preffered payment method worldwide among the online shoppers.

            ... and cash At 7 Eleven
            7 Eleven, the neighborhood convenience stores throughout the country.
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            Sample of HTML5 Parallax Web Design









            Share it if you like it...By paste the link to your facebook . :) 
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            Sales & Marketing Leader

            Operion looking for experienced sales & marketing leader.
            Please send your resume to [email protected] if you are interested and have experience to take care the roles.

            • 1 Full-Time positions available.
            • Organizing any activities to promote sales.
            • Cold calling both existing and prospective clients.
            • Follow up on sales enquiries and closing sales.
            • Analyzing information and data from potential clients.
            • Preparing weekly sales pipeline & sales achieve versus targets.
            • Maintaining good rapport with loyal & repeat clients.
            • Liaising with any contractors involved in project.
            • Assisting in marketing activities & promotional campaign.
            • Resolving any unexpected difficulties that may arise.
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            Operion live in Segi Penang

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            The Ultimate Guide to E-Commerce Statistics of Southeast Asia & Malaysia

            Why major e-commerce players are in Southeast Asia?

            Why major e-commerce players like Rakuten, Qoo10, Groupon, LivingSocial, Rocket Internet, eBay, Naspers are venturing into Southeast Asia region?

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