Operion Founder Jim T. announces establishment of business relations with Bernama

Operion founder Jim T of Operion Ecommerce & Software Sdn Bhd a web marketing and e-commrece company announced a new business partnership with BERNAMA in March this year.

With the collaborations, both party is able to offer a synergized business experience in favor of the SMEs. Participating in a trade show can be a great way for enterprises to advertise to a target market and create brand awareness. However, booking, travelling, displaying and demonstrating maybe quite a bit of competition at all shows."Poor promotion can mean the costs of attending the trade show outweigh any revenue you gain and choosing the wrong trade show can be very costly", according to Jim. Enterprenuers may not be aware that there are so many foreign prospects and potential buyers virtually searching for the right Malaysian products and services for their respective marketplace by using internet. And connecting to these potential buyers is crucial prior to participating in any trade shows.With the rapid change in communication and media landscape participating in trade shows is no longer an exposure but a critical opportunity to confidently seal the deal.

Operion will launch an awesome internet business and marketing program in the middle of the year to help the small and medium enterprises ride onto the internet trend. BERNAMA will provide globally reliable digital content for enterprises while Operion will make it simple for them to capture and response to prospects and buyers respectively.

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