Job opportunities in Operion Malaysia ~ ^ ^ ~

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We create website for multi language purpose ~~

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Domain Name below is available for you to purchase as well! Grab it now! $400 $399 $599 $299 $428 $1469 $399 $599 $1599 $299 $2699 $599
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Operion Series

Helpful Support Team is Standby For You OP! CMS is highly reliable and easy to operate. You can access our online knowledgebase support, email support or phone support for critical issues. We are PROUD to serve you better! More information
Operion EMS make available for you to fully use the internet resources to promote your business through the email marketing strategies.

What are you worry about? Content write-up?
We have a set of email content for you to select and send. Alternatively, you can upload your own design (flyer/brochure/marketing material).

Last and important thing to know! This is "one to one email sending".

Integration with Operion CMS and Operion CRM.

NO MORE Hotmail, Yahoo, Streamyx!!
But advertise for your own company!
eg. Change your email name from [email protected] to [email protected]
High Performance Datacenter - 99.98% Server Up-Time
Operion Mail "Standard"... The Best Deal of the year!!!
More information

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Client feedback is important to us!

Operion invites you to share your success stories using our platform.
You can submit your testimonial to us [email protected] - We are appreciate your sharing!

Your feedback is important to us!
Thank you for helping us to improve our website.
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Search Engine Optimzation, Penang SEO Expert

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You Property Investment? I Domain Investment!

Yeah... I bought a domain few years back at only $9.89
What a lucky boy am i.. There is a indian girl calling up me saying she interested in my domain. The price sold $2,888.00. 

How do you think? Small investment high return.
Buying a domain $9.89 for 10 years at only $98.90 and selling it at $2,888 with more than 1000% return.

-- Article from smith
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The Operion CMS

There is a series of products in Operion from CMS, Mail, CRM, EMS.

The CMS - Content Management System is developed by our Internal Programmer which is suitable for the non-technical user to pick-up the website management task. While the Mail, CRM, EMS is a part of additional service in the Operion CMS package.
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Maple Software Creation & The Operion Introduction

Hi, Maple Software Creation (official website: are mainly in Website and Application development. The application that we developed in the past could be found at:

The Operion is the brand project mainly in providing website marketing solution.
Please do not mistaken we are a website design company, but we are the Website Marketing company.

What is the different with website design company and website marketing company?
I got nothing to say about the website design company.

BUT website marketing is providing a total solution to help our client gain more benefit from the Internet Technology. In Operion, the website marketing is equal to "Website Design" + "Marketing System"
You can learn more about Operion at our official website
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Social Networking For Your Business

A platform for business networking building; build an effective network and develop a strong relationship among prospects and business partners.
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Cutting Edge Technology

We strive to provide the most easy and friendly web techniques to strengthen our brand mission.
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Recall our 2001 Wallpaper.. 财源滚滚来;企业国际化

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User Friendly yet Powerful Software Features

Operion --- User Friendly yet Powerful Software Features => is an Easy-to-use software tool from front office presentation to the back office system; no technical skill is required.
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Hacking, cyber attacks: Top 10 countries

United States -> China-> Brazil -> Germany -> India -> UK -> Russia -> Poland -> Italy -> Spain
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Excellent Customer Service

Use of e-Ticket support techniques to track the issue and get it solved quickly. Our technical team is always on hand to support. Visit our support centre at
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