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Operion Series

Helpful Support Team is Standby For You OP! CMS is highly reliable and easy to operate. You can access our online knowledgebase support, email support or phone support for critical issues. We are PROUD to serve you better! More information
Operion EMS make available for you to fully use the internet resources to promote your business through the email marketing strategies.

What are you worry about? Content write-up?
We have a set of email content for you to select and send. Alternatively, you can upload your own design (flyer/brochure/marketing material).

Last and important thing to know! This is "one to one email sending".

Integration with Operion CMS and Operion CRM.

NO MORE Hotmail, Yahoo, Streamyx!!
But advertise for your own company!
eg. Change your email name from [email protected] to [email protected]
High Performance Datacenter - 99.98% Server Up-Time
Operion Mail "Standard"... The Best Deal of the year!!!
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