How to setup email on Android

1. Open your email client.
2. Enter your full email address and password.

3. For the Account type, select POP3.

4. For the Incoming settings, we recommend using your access domain for the incoming server. You will also want to leave the Security Type as None. See Figure 3 as an example.

5. For the Outgoing settings, we also recommend using your access domain for the SMTP server.

6. Configure your Account options as desired on the subsequent screens and you're done!

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How to setup email on iPhone

1. In your iPhone, go to Settings-> Mail, Contacts, Calendars and go to Add Account. From the selection shown, choose "Other".

2. Enter the required information as you see on your screen and confirm by pressing "Save".

3. Click on "POP". If you have correctly entered your information in the previous screen, all the fields here should already be filled in for you.
Fill in the required fields as you see on the picture below but with your account information. Then click on "Save" to confirm.

4. After a few seconds, if the following screen will pop up. Click on "Yes".

Enjoy using Webmail in your iPhone!
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