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Useful SEO Studies of the Day

In this studies, you should now do some study on your current website to redefine your targeted keywords, website content. Content marketing is a new form of marketing strategy but it's a myths in many online business owner.

Google Penguin 2013: How to Evolve Link Building into Real SEO

Google has just rolled out Penguin 2.0, a large algorithmic update promising to go “deeper” than the 2012 Penguin release, which put a hurting on websites with number of manipulative links in their profile.
This prospect creates fear for many small businesses who depend on search engine optimization (SEO) for their livelihoods. But there is also a sense of confusion as the line often shifts and the message from Google contradictory.

The Do’s & Don’ts of SEO 2013

With search engine optimization continuing to be a large part of online marketing, you need to make sure that you’re making the right adjustments to optimize your site. There are many people who think they are doing everything right, but are actually making fundamental mistakes. Here are 5 Do’s and Don’ts that you need to be aware of going into 2013. - See more at:

SEO 2013: 20 Most Important Contributions To Content Marketing Strategies

Google’s Penguin called it quits for some SEOs. Over-optimized websites with unnatural link structures and keyword stuffing got punished. New strategies had to be developed. Content marketing became the next big thing – a strategy I would have thought that was patently obvious. High-grade content, be it articles, videos, podcasts or infographics, proves to be the solution. Content like this needs no unnatural link support, instead builds backlinks automatically – because of the quality of it.



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