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Accounting Firm is The King of Lumber Cutter

Past one month, I spend my extra time to give accounting firms to do the market survey.
Know what! It's because my wife have an interested to setup an account firm.

Out of five accounting firm I had visited. Some are very professional but some are like just step into primary school. Oh dear... I'm not pointing to anyone here.

One thing that I surprise is they consume a lot of papers. Out of the five company, a company name told that they need at least 50 rims of paper during the taxation submission period. It give me a WAH! I can't believe how many trees has been cut. Immediately i prize them as "The King of Lumber Cutter".

Please... I hope they can have some improvements into their business model to reduce the usage of paper. Maybe the online filing system could implement into their company. Or, the customer just send them the softcopy of invoice without printing.

Save our environment! Save our earth! Reduce the ink consumption!


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