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Five-99 Website Design Main Course (with Drink + Ice Cream)

Get more features at just RM599
  • Unlimited Product Listing
    Unlimited product listing increase your business opportunities. You can upload your product as many as possible whereas free member can upload 20 items only.
  • Custom Website Design
    Operion focuses on a High-Quality and a Professional Look's outcome. We strive to provide you the most Elegant yet Professional Design, from small start-up business to larger corporate sites to brand your company and make your business unique and stand out against any competitors in the future.
  • "3-Options" Email Marketing Tools
    An appropriate used of email marketing strategy and tools can helps you maintain a strong relationship with your customers and generate repeated sales. No hassle, Operion "3-Options" email marketing tools could assist you in your e-newsletter design.
    Operion  "3-Options" Email Marketing Tools as below:

                 1.  Self-writing format
                 2.  Content selection format
                 3.  Design selection format
  • Centralized Product & Company Search
    Centralized your product and company listing in Operion landing page enhance public discovery about your company, products and services.
  • Company Profile Distribution
    Monthly email distribution by industry grouping to all Operion members about your company profiles to build your company's image and create brand awareness.
  • Member Group Management
    Your member can be categorized into customer, prospect, regular, VIP or any others group. Member Group is easy to manage and allows you to send notifications to your groups of  member at once.
  • Multi-Language
    Operion website support in three different language (English, Chinese and Malay). You can use any combination of three different languages for your website to serving a multilingual customer base.
  • Multiple Address Book
    Three addresses book can be list in your website contact form about your branches contact information.
  • Search Engine Optimization
    The process of getting Website rank very high in search engine result page to increase the volume and quality of traffic to a Website.


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