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The Benefits of having Your Own Domain Name

A business domain name is the basic building block of a business's Internet addressing. The most common style for Australian businesses is:
OptusNet can register your own domain name for you and we offer services that apply your Domain Name to your business email and website addresses. These can give you easy to remember email addresses like:
and a website address similar to:
NOTE: No two domains can be exactly the same. Availability will therefore depend on what is already registered or pending, and whether the chosen name complies with allocation rules for the second level domain.
Find out more about registering a Domain Name.
Check if your Domain Name is available.

Making it Simple for your Customers

All successful business people know they must make it easy for customers to find their business and simple to contact them. Your customers are more likely to look for, remember and return to your site if it has an address that they can associate with your business.
Your email and website addresses are your online "locations" on the Internet.
Here's a little test. Can you "guess" the postal address or phone number of a well known company, say Optus? Probably not. But you probably would guess that you can find Optus online at and contact us with an email to [email protected] And you'd be right! See the convenience you give your customers by having domain name addresses for your business?

Building Your Brand Name

Using your own domain name brings the name of your business into use during every email exchange and website promotion you do. It spreads the name of your business around rather than the name of your Internet Service Provider during all your online business interactions.

Improve Traffic to your Website

When a search engine returns your site, people are more likely to visit it if it has a clear and professional domain name.

What if I don't yet need a website?

A domain name can be registered and used with just our Domain Name Email Service to give your email correspondence a more professional look and make your email addresses simple to remember. By doing this your domain name is also secured for use in your website address when the time comes to set up your business website.
NOTE: If you purchase a Host Service you are required to have addresses similar to: Domain Names cannot be applied as website addresses of our free member websites.
Find out about our BusinessDomain Email Service.

Address Ownership

Once you registered a domain name, you have the right to use that name for the period of registration and any renewal period. So if you ever change business ISPs you can take your domain names with you. You avoid the need to change your business cards, brochures and signage. And you don't have to notify all your contacts of any change to your Internet addresses.

First in, best dressed

By acting quickly to register your domain, you might get first mover advantage. Domains must be unique, so the first company to secure a name can beat all other similarly-named companies to get the most memorable or relevant name for their business.
For example, if King Swimming Pools registers then King Furniture and King Seafood must choose something else. King Pools gets the shortest and easiest domain name because they were first.
NOTE: Registration is not evidence of ownership of the name used as a domain name. The licensee of a domain name must ensure that use of that name will not infringe a 3rd party's rights.
The above example uses fictitious companies that are unrelated to any existing businesses.

Using your Domain Name

Registering your Domain Name is only one part of using your domain in your online business services. Your application to register a Domain Name will also include an application to set up OptusNet Domain Email Service and, optionally, Host Commercial Hosting Service.

How do I get started?

Domain Name Search

Is your preferred domain name still available? Find out and let OptusNet register it for you and use it in your BusinessDomain Email and Host addressing!
The search results page will tell you if that domain name is Available or Registered.
Find out more about registering a Domain Name.

Source: [OptusNet]

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