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We have Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)

"Membership = Clients, Vendors, Suppliers, VIPs, VVIPs"
Fully control on your privacy!

What are Member Group Management?
In Operion, you can create your own member group for others to join you. Whoever join your website group, you would need to take action to "Accept" it. If you do not wish a certain individual to join your group, simply click on the "Remove" button to reject.

What can I do in MGM?
In MGM you can manage your membership and sending e-newsletter to your members. You can send the notification email to your group members in few clicks! Or, can send them the latest news about your services, products, events and promotion. If you are unsure how to prepare an e-newsletter. Operion “3-Options” Email Marketing Tools could assist you in your e-newsletter design.

THREE STEPS to create a New Member Group.
To create a new member group, please follow these steps (in member control panel):
       STEP 1: Navigate to the "Member" -> "Member group"
       STEP 2: Click the "Add New Group" button
       STEP 3: Type in the "Group Name" and "Group Description" and hit the button "Add"

How can I use Member Group to help control my Privacy?
Not only manage your member groups. Operion MGM also allow you to control the privacy content and information. You can choose to set your content as "PUBLIC" or "PRIVATE" to a special member group. Thus, different group of members can have different access level into your website information.

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