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Vimeo VS Youtube

Vimeo VS Youtube
TL;DR at the end of the post.
/!\ Update: Added the example of Rob Scallon, blader & musician.

People in the Rollerblading scene sure love Vimeo.
Why? For a single reason, (unlike Youtube) Vimeo allows the use of copyrighted songs without restriction. You can use your favorite music in your latest edits and no Major Music Company will be able to do anything.
This may change in the future, if anything close to the SOPA or PIPA get accepted. Websites like Vimeo would just close.
Vimeo VS Youtube
Bladers massively migrated from Youtube to Vimeo after October 2007 when Vimeo was the first to get Hi Definition Support ; Youtube was really late on this, you had to wait until December 2008 (14 months later) to get access to hi quality videos.
In 2012, HD is supported on every streaming platforms, staying on Vimeo for bladers might be a mistake. Why?
Charlie bit my finger
You may remember the Youtube clip Charlie bit my finger, a viral clip of a child biting his brother. The family who uploaded the video earned more than £100,000 (around 155 680 US $), the video was viewed 392 million times at the time of the article.
Take the ATL Waterpark Section from Black Market. This video was viewed more than 2,695,000 times in 17 months. Basic mathematics tell me that the guy who uploaded this cashed about 1000$ (or he didn’t check his youtube messages & must be really mad now).
Black Market, ATL Waterpark Section:
2,695,000+ Views in 17 months.
Of course most blading videos won’t reach 2 millions views. This one went viral but skaters surely can earn some royalties with their work that way (most videos on Youtube get monetized once your reached the 10k views cap).
Nils Jansons Section wrs
On Vimeo even the most popular blading videos won’t reach 100k views. The most viewed video of the WRS Uploaded Contest (the Nils Jansons Section) only reached 75k views.
There are 2 exceptions to this: the Greg Mirzoyan Salt Mine Clip (965k views, the video was featured on the main page of Reddit) & the Razor Swag Edit by Vinny Minton (149k views, the video was tweeted by Greg Yaitanes, the executive producer and director of HOUSE MD season 7).
Some popular blading videos on Youtube:
Note that each of those videos are posted several times on Youtube.
I’m surprised that the owners of those videos don’t claim their work (like VEVO does with his musicvideos), rehost better quality versions on their account and earn 3-4k dollars per year. If you can prove Youtube that these videos are yours, they will just take the mirrors down.
Some brands choosed to stay on Youtube and this is good, they are getting some income from their work:
  • Remz (112 videos): 3,545,533+ video views.
  • Razors (197 videos): 5,818,045+ video views.
the youtube boob effect: add boobs to your thumbnail and get 100k extra views
On Vimeo, you get less views because the only one watching your videos are actually bladers. There are no viral effect on Vimeo, the only way for your video to get exposure on Vimeo is the Staff Pick Section which feature video on their index. In more than 4 years, Vimeo never featured a single blading video although almost all the community post their work on their website.
I’m hearing a huge troll screaming in the background “Yes, it’s cool, that way. If only bladers watch our videos, this is perfect, we want to stay underground”. Let me post something i saw last week that somehow made me really sad.
dominic sagona mri
Dominic Sagona, Hurt.
adam johnson
Adam Johnson, Magma Interview.
Dominic Sagona & Adam Johnson have a lot of amazing videos. Why don’t they monetize their past and future work on Youtube?
If you don’t have a good job on the side and a good healthcare, skating just looks like russian roulette. You can have fun but it can also end really quickly. People in the USA also have one of the worst healthcare system worldwide, just check Sicko by Michael Moore, it explains it really well).
Take the gaming “community”, a lot of broadcasters live from their work on Youtube: The Yoggcast, The Cynical Brit. What those guys do isn’t exceptional, they sure do it well and on a regular basis but what they’re only giving their first impressions on games they are playing.
Take Dominic Sagona, that guy is amazing. He has a unique skating skill and on the side creates music and is also DJing.
Just take your camera! Film your life, explain what you’re going through. Put on video your creative process while working on a new song ; test new music softwares, give your first impressions on it, bring the camera on your DJ set, show people how it’s done. Most people live a life extremely boring, just give us the opportunity to have a glimpse of what your exciting life looks like…
Make money on Youtube! Even if your videos are not that popular, beer’s money as Damien Wilson likes to call it, is worth it. Don’t use musics owned by Majors though, or half of the planet won’t be able to watch your videos (hello Germany!)
If you’re producing your own music (like Julian Bah, Franky Morales, …), just use your work. Else why not promoting indy bands? There are tons of musicians no one ever heard in your local area ; check Soundcloud too, i’m sure they are lots of people who would be glad to let you use their work if you just credit them somewhere.

About Youtube, Google, Adsense & VEVO
Youtube is the property of Google, Google also own Adsense, the most successful Online advertising program. You get paid via Adsense when you generate money via Youtube.
A lot of channels on Youtube are labelled artistVEVO. VEVO is a joint venture among Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and EMI. They control together the musicvideos they own and generate money via Youtube.



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