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Want To Be A Happy Boss?

The solution is in Operion Online billing system!  It  would  help you as a boss or your department  heads to reduce the ongoing burden and they  be able to concentrate on their main function.  You as a boss would be able to relax with the confidence that this job is being well taken care of.

In conservative  business processes, billing capability proves to be the main concern.  These Company would faced a lot of  issues and problems in their  billing.   Their procedures tend to be long, repetitive, time consuming and labour intensive but not cost effective.  The most common problems include  having to individually create quotation by word/excel, track its reference running number manually & etc, upon receipt of order, manual order confirmation and delivery orders. By the time actual billing could be done, there is a time lapse.  This would cost Companies lots of monies as payment date would be affected.  Also record/track  the unpaid bills manually.  All these billing works got to be done manually.  Most importantly, mistakes tend to arise more frequently due to human error and most times traceability is tedious.  Again these problems and issues are endless.

However, with Operion Online Billing System , most of your conservative  billing issues  would be resolved.  How?

-    Access anytime, anywhere
-    Track payment & Improve your cash flow
-    Details sales and payment receive report
-    One click invoice features
-    User access control
-    Intelligent search ***
-    Customize quotation & invoice layout
-    Formatting your running number
-    No contracts, no renewal fee!
-    Your data is always safe

As a boss, you do not have to rely solely  on your secretary. You can check the customer billing and your sales reports at anytime and anywhere. This would greatly improve work efficiency both ways, your staff knowing you have immediate access to the accounts.

Operion Online Billing System comes with  multiple currencies, service tax and government tax settings. Furthermore, your datas could  be transferred to UBS and EMAS Accounting system without your Accountant having to RE-TYPE your invoice and payment note!

Simple & Easy
Most importantly,  Operion online billing system is a one-stop application, it is simple and easy to learn. We guarantees you would be able to pick-up the system with the 1 hour training that we provides.

Operion Billing System – Simplify your working style by throwing away your manual work!

For more information, please contact: 04-3317832. System demonstration is free!
Official website:
Email: [email protected]


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