2Checkout Payment Gateway Detail Information


Q: The payment claim is manually or automatically in every month?
A: The payment is automatic and weekly.

Q: Can support how many currency? (same subscription price?)
A: There are currently 26 major world currencies supported, and all transactions with 2Checkout are the same rate, regardless of currency used by the customer: https://www.2checkout.com/international-payments/

Q: Can support ringgit Malaysia (MYR)?
A: Yes, your customer can pay in MYR

Q: What is Minimum amount of withdrawal?
Direct deposit = $10 USD
Mailed Check = $100 USD
Payoneer Debit Card = $20 USD
Wire Transfer = $300 USD

Q: Any prohibited selling item?
A: You can see 2Checkout's prohibited list here: https://www.2checkout.com/ppl/


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