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Create Your Own Web Page

Today, there are lots of outlets had started moving their business onto the Internet and making initiate their International business. To making the Internet business you must first have your own Website or portal. You can simply hire a Web Services Company or a Web designer to do it for you or you might want to design all the things from scratch by referring to your HTML manual. Once you have a Website, you might want to publish your products, services, journal, or story onto your Website to share with the World. Sound easy?

Obviously, that’s an easy task if you would like to have your own Website within 24 days. And loan some copy-paste technology to enrich your Website content. Okay, now you have a great Website. But, are you sure that your site is a search engine friendly and search engine optimization Website? The answer might from you would be Yes! or No!, or I’ve no idea!

If you are looking for an answer from above question. This is an essential book that you should read it carefully. This book will guide you the way to create a successful Website and submission your Website into major search engine using free or paid method.

Chapter 1: Basic Knowledge of Web page programming and Development Tools

Web page programming is generally known as HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). This is a basic web scrip language that you should know in order to start a web page. Second, the CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) must use together with your HTML web page. CSS is use to format your font style such as font color, font weight, font size, etc. The CSS is also use for the Web page layout format such as the page height, page weight, page position. Sometimes you might need to integrate extra features such as mouse hover effect on your button, or dropdown button selection. This could be achieve by using advance CSS knowledge or JavaScript.

There are lots of Web page development tools in the market such as Microsoft FrontPage, Macromedia DreamWeaver. Microsoft FrontPage could be obtain together if you are buying a set of Microsoft Office that package with FrontPage and some other Free Web development tools under the GNU license such as what? What? What? From Chapter ? to ? will teach you all the HTML coding and knowledge.

Beside, if you heard from using the Microsoft ASP.Net or VB.Net to create a .NET web page. This is an alternative way. But You need to transfer your bank money into Microsoft to buying their development tools. It’s not a good advice if you only need to create a simple sale Web page. The Microsoft .NET technology usually use to create a system called Web site.

Whenever you had finish your Web page in your local machine. It’s the time to find a reliable hosting company and order your package together with your domain name. Once you had make a payment to the hosting package, you have to wait for about 24-48 hours for your domain name to be indexes in the Internet DNS (Domain Name Server). Then you can start to upload your Web page file onto your hosting server. This would have a clear explanation if you reach to the Chapter ?.

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