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How to earn Extra RM1,279.60 a month?

Welcome to Operion reseller stage!

Leverage your business by providing extra services to your customer.
Operion makes easy for our reseller partner to resell our products and services by giving all the marketing materials, sales tools, training and support needed.

The benefits of being Operion's reseller
  1. Strong Brand Recognition Operion has been in the web services industry for 4 years. Leverage on our strong branding to provide quality & reliable web services to your customers.
  2. High Profit Reseller Rate The more you sell, the higher the discount you get. Not only you get a great discount but once you hit your target, you can get cash rebate, incentive and extra bonus. To find out more, sign up for a reseller ship now.
  3. Sales and Marketing Kits Operion provides you with all the needed material in order for you to close sales in the fastest and easiest manner.
  4. Reseller Sales and Product Knowledge Operion provide trainings for all resellers as to give you the confidence and knowledge needed to make this website marketing business a success.
  5. Tutorials and User Guides Step-by-step tutorials to help your customers familiarize with Operion web marketing system.
  6. Technical Support Your customer can always depends on our support team for any technical issues.

You are welcome to become Operion reseller ship. Please send a request to [email protected]


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