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Latest SEO Trends Check List – Google Penguin & Panda 2013

Search Engine Optimization is the most magical yet a mystical science in the ever-growing phenomenon of the World Wide Web. Providing results to the human and machine oriented queries plays a key role in business strategies all around the globe. In order to stand the competition posed by both the opponents and the updates accommodated by the search engine companies, we really have to follow several critical reforms to stay up in search engine rankings.
In the past year the search engine giant Google implemented two significant updates Panda and Penguin, to ameliorate its powerful searching and indexing algorithms. This made a tumbling drop of many sites which did not suit the new conventions.
That pointed towards the seo ranking of meagre quality sites like content mills, link farms to the bottom and gives more preferences to websites containing superior quality of content.
Google’s spiders were altered in the way that they reviewed a site, providing them with better rankings based only on the superiority, accuracy and standard of the content with social media engagement. The static sites which were actually well written and developed witnessed a rapid fall in the rankings though they are filled with suitable seo links and seo keywords.
The two upgrades so called Penguin and Panda depended on a newer set of regulatory ideals specially formulated to rank a site by a variety of ingredients.
They Feature the following:
Content: Substance of the message, by the poor standard in the art of writing, spelling bugs, grammatical misplays, overflow of ads and bad bunch of links are those that help the Google’s spiders to pull-down the sites down to make room for really quality sites at the upper deck in the search results that provide appropriate aid for the searchers and seo agencies.
Freshness: The newness or re-creation of the content proved to be an effective means to improve search engine rankings than the classically practiced inbound links. It makes us well aware that in order to race over seo companies, it is mandatory to append newer contents much frequently. The freshness focus on three key areas,
  • Trending topics such as Soccer-World Cup
  • Recurring famous Events like Super bowl
  • Frequency of throwing out new contents similar to a Score-board.
Uniqueness: If in the past you have considered just a copy and paste option to reduce your cost of content development, this would surely suck your site’s rank down. Originality in the substance is a major criterion in ranking process. In seo link building, uncommon links would be considered really bad hence they must be very abstracted and essential to the content. The importance of this concept is going to be hiked up when Google’s Author Rank is implemented.
Social: A recent and very powerful tool in marketing strategy and for Search Engine Optimization is the Social Platforms. Searches use social in the query results to find the usefulness of the site in the general discussions board. It has become inevitably important to include social in the work of online marketers and seo professionals, ensuring the icons and brand representations are same and similar in all the channels of social. Management of such socials are also critical in this since unfit or bot-managed socials would be sliced with their ranks by seo companies.
Technical Correctness: Technical errors may bury your ranks among the seo technology professionals; particularly the blogs may have to lose its previous reputations because of the error in the content. A standardly constructed websites would do really better than those that are built apart from the general template patterns, flash and even if they are more than 24 months old. The basic decent styles based on valid CSS tags and a clean Meta data embedded into the codes should do what we exactly need out of them. These can be done by a good seo agency only.


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