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MOLPay Payment Gateway

Fee Structure
MOLPay Domestic ePayment Solution comes with 2 subscription plans for merchant to select. The standard rate for receiving payment via MOLPay for goods and services is as follow:
MOLPay Premium Plan
MOLPay Lite Plan
One-time Signup Fee
RM 400.00
Yearly Maintenance Fee
RM 499.00
RM99 [1st year waived ]
[ 2nd year waived if the previous year’s total payment volume more than MYR 5,000.00]
Transaction Fee
3.0%[For Credit Card Channel Only]
3.0% or min. RM 0.60 (whichever is higher)[For All Debit Channels]
3.8%[For Credit Card Channel Only]
3.8% or min. RM 0.60 (whichever is higher)[For All Debit Channels]
Settlement Fee
RM0.00 per settlement
RM2.00 per settlement
Total Transaction (Account) Limit
No Limit
No Limit

Premium Plan is more suitable for larger e-Businesses (i.e. for merchants who forecast their turnover is more than RM5,000 per month) which comes with lower transaction fee and yearly maintenance fee charged. If you do not want to pay the maintenance fee, Lite Plan can suit your need but with higher price per transaction charged.
Important Notice : Impose bank charges RM900 will be charge for all new sub merchant for credit card submission.

Settlement Period
The transaction payment will be settled on weekly basis, meaning the transactions from Monday (first day) to Sunday (cut off day) will be settled in the following Thursday. The payment will be transferred into your banking account accordingly. 


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