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Malaysia Social Media Statistics

Malaysia Social Media Statistics

Many have been wondering what the social media statistics have been for Malaysia and in this article, I have taken the imitative to highlight some of Malaysia's Social Media Statistics for 2012. However, I would also like to mention thar Social Media Travel is also one of the important factors that contribute to this statistics apart from the general online community. 

The statistics below have been taken from various companies who have done the research and the numbers below are based on the year 2012. Companies include eMarketerWe Are SocialNielsen and comScore. Here are some of the Malaysia Social Media Statistics for 2012;
    • Malaysia has 34 Million mobile subscribers and 17.5 Million Internet users
    • 87.9% of Malaysians on the Internet access Facebook
    • There are currently 13.3 Million Facebook users in Malaysia (July 2013). Those aged between 18 and 24 are the highest users, contributing 34.5 per cent followed by those aged 25-34 years (29.5 per cent) and 13-17 years (16.3 per cent)
    • 80% of Malaysian Internet users stream or download videos each month
    • 51% of Malaysians have an active YouTube profile
    • Malaysian Internet users spend nearly 20 hours per week online
    • Malaysian Internet users spend 10.6 hours watching Broadcast TV
    • Malaysia's mobile penetration is more than 100%, compared to 59% for Internet and 41% for social media
    • YouTube accounts for 67% of all online videos viewed in Malaysia, out of an audience of 9.3 Million
    • Social networking, at 32.1%, holds the largest share of online minutes for those in Malaysia, followed by 11.5% for entertainment
    • Of the 11.5 Million people ages 15 and older who access the Internet from home or work in Malaysia, 92.4% visit Google sites
    • Social Media accounts for 1/3 of all time spent online in Malaysia
    • Currently there are 17.5 Million Internet Users in Malaysia (2012) and in 2016, there will be 21 Million users

    As we are in the core of the digital era now, more and more people are being introduced into the current technology. Social Media Travel has also seen a huge rise in Malaysia compared to just a few years ago but then again, many are still in the early infant stage of this era. While many people think that Social Media is Free, they are unlikely to part with advertising dollars in this new digital medium that is taking the country by storm. Those who have jumped on the band wagon have a head start while those who have not will be considered late comers. 

    However, if you look at the larger corporations, they have already embraced social media as one of the new marketing tools as the numbers and statistics above have now made a difference in Malaysia. It is only a matter of time before this medium becomes a must-have for all businesses.I hope that you found this article interesting and if you have any comments or new statistics, please feel free to note them here and I can update the latest on Malaysia Social Media Statistics.



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