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5 Hot E-Mail Marketing Tips

Sending messages to an e-mail list is a powerful marketing tool. However, there are times when we would like to get a better response from what we send out. If you are serious about doing better, here are five various tips to help improve your campaign results.
Email Marketing Tips 1. Put opt-in forms everywhere. The more you have out there, the more chances people will have to fill them out. And remember to tell your visitors to fill in the form – be polite and direct – but don’t make them guess what they’re supposed to do.
Email Marketing Tips 2. Give your subscribers a hint of what’s to come in the next message. You don’t want to give it all away, but anything you can do to increase their anticipation of your next e-mail will go a long way toward increasing your open rates.
Email Marketing Tips 3. Advance notice of an upcoming message. This is a bit different than the previous tip in that the entire message is sent for the sole purpose of telling your readers about what’s coming – use these messages to let them know about time-sensitive offers coming up, so they don’t lose out Be sure to include the time zone when you send out something with a deadline to prevent confusion for time-sensitive offerings.
Email Marketing Tips 4. Create messages people will want to share with their friends. Not all e-mails must be designed to remain exclusive to your list. Encourage them to share from time to time. When doing this, keep potential readers in mind; and be sure to give them a reason to follow through on your call to action.
Email Marketing Tips 5. Automate as much of your e-mail marketing as possible. Autoresponders are a must-have tool for simplifying the campaigns you send out. You can pre-load as many messages as you like, and set when they will be delivered. At the very least, you should have a welcome message that is sent immediately after opt-in is confirmed.
E-mail marketing is here to stay, and smart business owners will educate themselves on how to make the most of it. You’ve read this far, so I am going to assume that you are serious about doing better. Take the next step and start using the tips above to improve your campaigns.
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