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Benefits of Having your Own Domain Name

Our all-inclusive, low cost package includes your own domain name (.uk or international), web hosting, email forwarding (or POP3 mailboxes) and email autoresponders. Extras are available but the standard package is designed to satisfy 99% the needs of all our potential customers.

Advantages of your Own Domain Name

  • Easier for people to find ( is easier to remember than
  • Gives a more professional image
  • You can keep the name for years to come
  • You can move the name to another ISP if you no longer want us to host it for you (we do not charge for taking your name elsewhere)
  • Easier to get your site registered with search engines
  • Better position in some search engine listings
  • Disadvantages of Free ISP's Domain

  • Web address will change every time you change ISP
  • Web site may be deleted automatically if you forget to connect to the ISP at least once every 90 days!
  • Some search engines will not list your site at all
  • The terms and conditions may specify that the site is for personal use only and you could have your site removed as it relates to an organisation rather than a person
  • You site will probably not be backed up (in the event of a technical problem you might have to set up your web site from scratch again
  • Bandwidth will be limited but you may only find out what the limit is when they decide you are using too much and they turn off your site
  • Other Benefits of Inglepine Hosting

    Email forwarding allows leaders in the church to have a church email address, but it does not require them to change their own ISP or their existing mailbox setup. The individual concerned can decide whether or not to change the return address in their own email setup to match their church email address. An address such as [email protected] can be set up which will forward email to all the elders in the church. An autoresponder allows you to set up text that will be emailed back to anyone who emails a specific email address. For example, an email sent to [email protected] could get an automatic reply with the days and times of all of this week's meetings.
    We will provide all of this from only £40 per year (no VAT payable). Note that if you have a exceptionally busy site, there may be additional charges - see our full details page.


    You might be able to find some cheaper solutions than ours. However, please ask the following questions to make sure you are getting what you expect:
  • do the prices quoted subject to VAT?
  • will the domain name belong to you or to the provider? If it belongs to you, will they charge you if you apply to move it to another provider?
  • is the web server so busy (and hence slow) that the visitors coming to your site will give up waiting? Visit some other sites hosted on the same service to see how they perform.
  • is there a stated bandwidth limit? There is always a limit of some sort even if it is not stated. The limit might be very low. What will the provider do when you exceed the limit? (probably turn off your site).
  • is the service restricted to personal use only? (in practice this may mean a very low bandwidth limit)
  • how reliable is the service? Every system has some down time but some hosting services have more than others. (It would be hard to get a definitive answer to this question but you can ask about multiple connections to the internet, uninterruptable power supplies, etc.)
  • will your site be backed up and will it be automatically restored for you if the hosting system fails? 

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