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Networking Portal VS Content Management System

Networking Portal Content Management System (CMS)
“Use what you want to use” “Use what have been provided to you”
Customizable. Module and Function enhancement is flexible. Template based. Module and Functionality enhancement is complex.
Coding and system structure is easy to understand and it’s well-documented for a new programmer to catch-up easily. Coding and system structure will take time for a beginner to catch-up.
Try to make thing simple yet capture our market trend. Try to make thing powerful but complex with a lot of unnecessary function.
Database is centralized in the main data center. The more merchant we have, more people will know about your business. Database for each CMS website is store individually. It’s not possible for website inter-networking.
You can request to remove the licensing from the administrator Must to put a bottom line licensing for the CMS system you use
The coding and system structure are in a standard to meet the SEO requirement. Plug-ins are usually not well prepare for a SEO standardization.
Expert programmer always ready to capture user input and comment. Not easy to get CMS expert to support and customize your system.
Implementation of multiple language for sites are in one screen. Multiple language implementations will make your system admin look complexity and confusing.
Future system enhancement and functionality improvements are free for members. Some basic modules are free, but some powerful module requires you to purchase.
Aimed to build stronger relationship between merchants, customers, clients, suppliers and admin. Just a standalone website. Not aimed on building relationship.


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