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PayPal is the MOST Convenient Payment Gateway

More than 5 years experience in e-commerce application development.
I should say PayPal is the most convenient payment gateway in this world.
  • A customer can pay by a PayPal account or credit/debit cards, Amex, Discover.
  • As a merchant, PayPal only charge you when there is a transaction occur.
  • PayPal registration is easy, you do not need to prepare any company registration information.
  • PayPal do not ask your boss to pay for setup fee and annual maintenance.
  • Money withdrawal to your local bank takes only 3-4 days (estimated days)
Unfortunately, Many peoples intend to have a payment gateway in their website. But a lot of unresolved questions in e-commerce flow, transaction, payment issue, withdrawal issue.
Here is the best platform for those who looking for Professional yet reliable e-commerce solution provider.
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