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VeriSign® Secure Site + EV

VeriSign® Secure Site + EV is a 40 Bit – 256 Bit SSL Certificate issued by VeriSign®. Includes a $1,500,000 Warranty and the VeriSign® Secured Seal. When you need to increase your online sales we highly recommend the use of a VeriSign® SSL Certificate.
Boost your online sales with new EV (Extended Validation) SSL Certificates. Protect your site from phishing scams and increase your customer transactions with VeriSign® Secure Site + EV.
The VeriSign® Secured Seal ensures your customers see that your website and company have been validated by VeriSign®, instilling consumer confidence and adding value to your online offering.
Includes “Green Bar” Browser Technology – Extended Validation
Organization Vetted – Includes Your Company Name
Includes 30 Days Free Issuance Insurance
$1,500,000 Warranty Offered By VeriSign®
Works With HTTP, POP, IMAP, SMTP & More
99.9% Browser Recognition Rate
40 Bit – 256 Bit Encryption, Strong SSL Encryption
Get Up To 20% Discount When Ordering For Multiple Years
Includes VeriSign® Secured Seal & VeriSign® Trust™ Seal
Premium Installation Available For Only $199.00
Works With Mobile & Smart Phones

Includes The VeriSign® Trust Seal & Malware Scanning – Free!

Like most thieves, malware hackers look for easy targets such as a website where malware will go undetected for as long as possible. When you purchase a VeriSign® SSL Certificate we include the VeriSign® Trust™ Seal in addition to the standard VeriSign® Secured Seal.
 Includes a daily malware scan to detect malware and alert you with detailed information to respond quickly to any attack. You can activate or disable the VeriSign® Trust™ Seal & malware scanning from within the Tracking area of our website.

Who Will Be The Certification Authority

Your VeriSign® Secure Site + EV Certificate will be issued directly by VeriSign®. VeriSign® SSL Certificates are trusted by 99.9% of web browsers, ensuring your VeriSign® Secure Site + EV SSL Certificate will be free from pop-ups or SSL Certificate errors.
Extended Validation SSL gives website visitors an easy and reliable way to establish trust online :
Only SSL Certificates with Extended Validation (EV) will trigger new web browsers to display the green address bar, including your company name and the name of your SSL Certificate issuer (VeriSign®).

How Fast Is VeriSign® Secure Site + EV Issued

VeriSign® Secure Site + EV SSL Certificates require the most thorough authentication process performed in order to be sure that any company certified is a legitimate operation. This aspect of the EV standard combine to create a strong defense against phishing scams.
Typically it is expected that VeriSign® Secure Site + EV is delivered within 48 hours of receiving all of the required identity documentation. Generally we advise customers to allow 21 days to gather the required identity documentation. 

What Documents Are Required

To qualify for VeriSign® Secure Site + EV the company requesting the Certificate must be registered as a corporation or equivalent with the appropriate government agency in its country of jurisdiction. Official government agency records must include the company’s registration number, date of registration or incorporation and the registered office or address.
VeriSign® will send an e-mail containing further information about acceptable documents once your order has been submitted for processing.
You can use the Tracking system on our website to track the status of your order at any time.

Browser Compatibility For VeriSign® Secure Site + EV

VeriSign® Secure Site + EV is fully compatible with 99.9% of client platforms and browsers and works with mobile devices.
If you require Server Gated Cryptography (SGC) we recommend upgrading to VeriSign® Secure Site Pro + EV.
VeriSign® Secure Site + EV works with Microsoft Exchange, Outlook Web Access (OWA) and is also able to secure POP3 and IMAP.

How To Install The Site Seal On Your Web Site

To display the VeriSign® Secured Seal or VeriSign® Trust™ Seal on your web site please follow the instructions on the VeriSign® website by Clicking Here or the instructions within your fulfillment e-mail. For further information please contact us.


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