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Create Email Addresses Connected To Your Blogger Custom Domain Plus Access DNS Settings And More

This week we looked at using custom domains on Blogger Blogs, why you should get a custom domain and the steps to buy and connect a custom domain on Blogger.Those posts have been popular and I'm delighted to see many of you have took my advice and bought domains for your blog getting rid of the ugly blogspot.In those posts i mentioned Google Apps and how when you buy a domain through Blogger you get a free Google apps account.Google apps actually offer some great features that are all available to you once you buy your domain.Two of the main features of Google apps are the option to create Email addresses associated with the domain you bought.So you can create for example yourname or info and so on.Another feature of Google apps is the option to access your DNS or Domain Settings.So you can log into your domain host account and access things like Cname records.

In this video post i do my best to explain the whole process from accessing your Google apps account to creating multiple Emails connected to your domain, enjoy !

Google Apps Video Tutorial

That's it for this Blogger Tip, have to admit it was hard to explain so the video went a bit long (As did the title of the post :p).Luckily YouTube did take the full video so hopefully you have learned just some of the Google Apps features available to you.

Remember Google apps offer many many more features and we only touched on the basics, you should take 30 minutes when you get the chance to look through all it offers.The Google Apps Support center is a great place to start.

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