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SECURITY TIPS: Prevention Notice on User Email Hacking

Dear Customers,  
We regret to inform you that there has been a spate of email passwords hacking once again by hackers using the compromised email account to send spam. This trend has been happening globally since last year and we have seen a second wave happening again just recently. Hackers are using automated tools to continuously sniff and attempt to crack password combinations of users who has weak password settings on their email accounts.  
In view of the severity of our client’s private & confidential information being leaked from a compromised email account, we have now enforced all email user’s to set a minimum password score of above 85 in cPanel. Any email password that does not meet this requirement will be notified and requested to have their email passwords changed upon login into webmail. If the user is using Outlook, access will be denied until you have changed your password through the webmail interface.  
Steps to change your email password:
(1) Login to your webmail interface via this URL: https://(your-domain-name):2096  (e.g.
(2) Key in your email address in full and existing password
(3) Once logged in, you will be prompted the page below to reset your email password: 

(4) Key in your existing email password the also the new email password of your choice. Take note that the password score indicator for your new password must be 85 and above.
(5) Key in your new password combination again and hit “Change your password now!”  
Once you have reset your email password, you will need to ensure that all your other connecting software’s such as Outlook or Thunderbird and devices such as Blackberry and iPhone must be updated with the new password before they are able to connect to the server to retrieve your emails.  
If you need any assistance or have any further clarifications on this matter, please feel free to revert to this email. We will be glad to answer any questions that you may have.  
Last but not least, thank you for your understanding and cooperation on this matter. We hope we will be able to minimize the damage of this recent email hacking between us and our customers like yourselves.  
Best regards, Support Team


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