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Full Features Email Marketing System


Do you realize if you are smart in email marketing. It can really help develop your business. Let Operion introduce our MailBlast System. 

Operion MailBlast is the easiest email marketing system, designed to increase email marketing ROI faster than any other medium for small businesses and enterprise customers.

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Let see how powerful Operion MailBlast and its functionality.

Draft and Test Send

-Test your newsletter before sending it to your actual subscribers.

Drag and Drop

-Easily create automated emails with our drag and drop editor.

No Limit Subscribers

-Unlike other email marketing system. Operion MailBlast allow you to target 1,000,000 subscribers with a single click.

Responsive Template Design

-Ensure your email campaigns look good on any device with our responsive email template.

Beautiful Reports

Read your newsletter campaign report in colorful graph. You will know how many persons read your newsletter, or how many subscribers failed to receive your newsletter.

Bounce and Spam Handling

The MailBlast will let you know the bounce rate and someone who set your newsletter as SPAM. Get more messages deliver to the rights person.

Multi-Threading Sending

Operion MailBlast sends emails via our server using multi-threading according to the MailBlast send rate.

Pre-register the system at Zero Cost NOW !!!
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P/S: A new registration rate will be charge after we have officially launched the system on 1st April 2016


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