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Operion MailBlast Early Bird Package!

Operion Mailblast System is the simplest Email Marketing Platform, it is designed specifically for small business in order to increase the rate of return on email marketing. With the fast and best mailblast, it’s one of the best success rate in the market. In order to allow the public to better understand our Mailblast system, we will open the Mailblast application on 15th March 2016, allow advance registration to experience the Mailblast system.

Benefits of Operion Mailblast system:
- Strengthen the relationship between you and your customers
- Blast out your email in one time and save your valuable time
- Can support graphics sending
- Convert your flyers into online, it’s environmentally friendly and save!

What are you waiting for? A special price will be given to those applicants who register before 15th March 2016.

Please click on the following link to register: http: //


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