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Why you failed in Email Marketing Campaign

At Halloween, do you check the candy that you have received? Almost everyone will have suspicious candy thrown into the trash. In similarify, nowadays most of the marketing messages been ignored and deleted. WHY? Because of poorly designed or the goals are not clear. But in fact, you can choose to avoid this ‘tragedy’ from happening in your business newsletter.

Unsuitable Graphical Design
Try to avoid using images that is blur, compressed or those does not relevant with the content in your email ads. Choose eye0catching images that will help proper promote your products and services which is acceptable and understandable by the public.

Email Transmission Frequency
Tend to not send your e-marketing messages to your subscriber so frequently because this will cause the subscriber to felt ‘annoying’ to read it. Therefore this will only causes your subscriber to not read it and also high potential to be spam by them as well.

Confusing Content
Try to use content which is easy to understand by the subscriber. Your content must have consider your product needs and the right subscriber in a simple and easy way to understanding it so can allow the subscriber to have more interest to learn more about it.

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